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The country of salsa! What else do you know about the fifth world's largest country? ... I mean Brazil? Nothing?! So let's learn something today at 19:00 in last volume of this semester.

Iva Egertová | 06. 12. 2010 14:44


Let's find out something about Bolivia. It's a country of many cultures, languages and traditions. With José we'll get to know this country a bit better today. Listen to Erasmus Evening at 7 pm.

Iva Egertová | 01. 11. 2010 14:33


Adventurous Australia, the country of kangaroos, wild nature, Aborigines, koalas or fires. How does it feel, to live on the other side of the world? Listen to us today at 18:00. We'll have a visit from Tasmania!

Iva Egertová | 11. 10. 2010 14:24