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The green, the sun and the football

The green, the sun and the football

I feel only fresh mowed grass. The sun shines on my shoulders. I can hear cars from one side, the birds sing from another. I have simple task - to score the least amount of kicks.

Michaela Částková | 25. 05. 2016 16:20

Pale beer still the most popular? Beer survey holds results

A recent survey concerning beer preferences of young people didn’t show anything surprising at all as one could have guessed the results beforehand. The survey, conducted online, asked people about the characteristic of their favourite kinds of beer.

Michaela Částková | 25. 04. 2016 18:20

International Festival of Theatre Schools is New Marks & Angles of View

The 26th year of the International Festival of Theatre School Setkání/Encounter involves schools from 11 countries. The festival itself is being held by students of Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno.

Michaela Částková | 14. 04. 2016 14:49