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When amateurs have as crazy fans as national team

When amateurs have as crazy fans as national team

Four three, two, yes! Everyone are shouting and jumping. I am hearing a noise of drums, tubes and clapping. "Champions, champions, champions", fans in white clothes are screaming. Floorball team Mobydicks won the final and you can feel the happiness in the air. Across the hall it is absolutely different. People in blue clothes are sad and just watch. Team Centaurs is second again and it is a big disappointment. No, this is not world floorball championship. This is tiny amateur league in small city in Czech Republic. But for most of this shouting people it means more than Stanley cup.

Michaela Synková | 08. 06. 2016 22:08

Every 23rd student of Masaryk University studies abroad

Germany has been the most favourite country where to go. Most students that have come to Brno are from Spain. 

Michaela Synková | 24. 04. 2016 23:13

Marylin Monroe and Mao Ce-tung meet on Špilberk

Exhibition of Andy Warhol called In the Bottom of my garden has started on Špilberk castle in February. Now you can see there the most famous artworks of Andy Warhol plus series of pictures which have never been seen in Czech Republic.

Michaela Synková | 06. 04. 2016 22:05