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Storytelling evening in Amsterdam

On a typical Friday night, a group of people is gathering in a book café in the old part of Amsterdam. Once everyone has settled in – about two dozens of people: young and old, those dressed up and those dressed rather casually, men and women – the man who has been welcoming everyone at the entrance asks us to introduce ourselves to the person next to us and exchange couple of facts with them. So what could a rogue folk guitarist and a student of Russian language and literature possibly have in common that led them to meet there?

Inamjan Ibragimov | 24. 05. 2016 19:31

3 out of 4 students in the Czech Republic work alongside their studies

In a recent survey conducted among 466 university students regarding the cost of life, three quarters were found to work during the school year.

Inamjan Ibragimov | 26. 04. 2016 20:59