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Trapped in your own mind: Mental disorders are not just “hell on Earth”

Trapped in your own mind: Mental disorders are not just “hell on Earth”

She is mentally ill, but “at the right time”. University student reveals how is living with mental disorder in a world, where it is no longer considered a taboo.

Dominika Bayerová | 23. 12. 2016 09:38

The Phantom of the Opera Enchants Prague: a musical legend in Czech production

It is never really easy to take a legend and transform it from the comfort of movie studios to the hard reality of theatre stage. That is why the news of a Czech production of this legend, based on Gaston Leroux’s book which slowly made it into the shelves of “classics”, filled me not only with hopeful expectations, but also with a kind of fear. Is anyone able to transform Webber’s Phantom of the Opera to our country and do it justice?

Dominika Bayerová | 24. 11. 2016 14:46

Greek student: “Life is short. You’d better live it to the full.”

I find myself sitting inside a cosy café with a law student from Greece. His name is Anastasios Trontzos, but he calls himself Tarsus. “It’s short, easy to remember and an internationally friendly nickname,” he explains. Tarsus travelled to Brno as a part of the Erasmus+ program one month ago and he’s really looking forward to the five months ahead of him. 

Dominika Bayerová | 25. 10. 2016 19:53