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Jana Matúšová


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Street Workout: questioning laws of gravity with elegance

If you have ever seen adults running around children’s playground swinging on climbing frames, you probably caught them in the middle of their Street Workout routine. But do not get confused! This sport is much more sophisticated and difficult to perform than it may seem in the eye of passerby.

Jana Matúšová | 17. 05. 2017 10:23

Young and ambitious student on her way of helping people

Do you take care of your body properly? Lucia Stančoková would probably say that you do not. Her wish to become an excellent physiotherapist comes from her passion to help people, even though it wasn’t her first career choice. She dreamed of being a doctor, but with physiotherapy she fulfills that dream from the different perspective and she does it with a heart full of love.

Jana Matúšová | 30. 03. 2017 23:11