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Second parts are sometimes good

“I can not stay at home, sitting in front of the television and be assured with myself”. This is Eduardo’s way of thinking. He is a 25-year-old guy who, apart from finishing his studies, dedicates his time to young boys and girls in order to educate better men and women for tomorrow. He is one of the volunteers of the Group Scout Aguere 70, in Tenerife. They come from La Laguna - the second largest city in the island - and they are open for all those who want to try and know this movement. This is only one of the five groups that we can find in the island and one of the 12 in Canary Islands.

Daniel Carlos | 26. 12. 2016 23:40

Kase.O - El Círculo

Almost two months ago, Javier Ibarra Ramos released the most important album in the history of Spanish Hip-Hop. For those who do not know him, he is considered the best rapper not only in Spain but also in Latin America. After years and years waiting for it, he presented his first album without the rest of his group, Violadores del Verso.

Daniel Carlos | 24. 11. 2016 15:04