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We are more funny and relaxed, says the Greek man

We are more funny and relaxed, says the Greek man

Michalis Pistaris, a twenty-nine-year-old man from Greece, has been living in the Czech Republic for one month. So far he has plenty experiences to share.

Ješinová Klára | 25. 10. 2016 19:50

Reputation of Masaryk University reaches up to the Baltic Sea

Reputation of Masaryk University reaches up to the Baltic Sea

The Czech Republic was not her dream. It was her friends who persuaded her that Masaryk University was a good choice for her for an one-semester exchange Erasmus programme. After three years of studying, 21-year-old student Austè Labonaitè is now looking forward to finishing a bachelor’s degree and starting a master's degree programme in event management.

Jan Vostal | 25. 10. 2016 19:47

Barnaul or Brno, so hard to choose...

Barnaul or Brno, so hard to choose...

Barnaul and Brno – these are two cities which mean a lot to Anne Sharova, student of journalism and environmental studies at Masaryk University. Even though they sound similar, the distance from one destination to the other is 7,000 km. Czech people can hardly imagine such a scale…

Anastasia Kriushenko | 25. 10. 2016 19:44

“Not everything is better in France” says Pauline

Not everything in the west is better. French Erasmus student Pauline has been here only a few weeks but she has fallen in love with Brno already. And many things are better here than in France, she thinks.

Veronika Batelková | 24. 10. 2016 15:38

When amateurs have as crazy fans as national team

When amateurs have as crazy fans as national team

Four three, two, yes! Everyone are shouting and jumping. I am hearing a noise of drums, tubes and clapping. "Champions, champions, champions", fans in white clothes are screaming. Floorball team Mobydicks won the final and you can feel the happiness in the air. Across the hall it is absolutely different. People in blue clothes are sad and just watch. Team Centaurs is second again and it is a big disappointment. No, this is not world floorball championship. This is tiny amateur league in small city in Czech Republic. But for most of this shouting people it means more than Stanley cup.

Michaela Synková | 08. 06. 2016 22:08

Diana, an accordion musician: The stage isn't the only place to excel for an artist

A feature story about an accordion musician Diana and her way to career.

Kateřina Keprtová | 05. 06. 2016 13:39

Lose weight by playing a virtual reality game

Fog lazily rolls over a grassy area. The deadly early-morning peace at one Brno's streets is bleak in the humid air. One man is standing there, his smartphone glued to his hand, silently waiting. Suddenly a car dives into this little part of the universe. He jumps in. A five-member group of heroes are about to start their journey to gain control over local portals.

Kristýna Klazarová | 30. 05. 2016 15:47

Nervous rapper beyond the standards

He looks like Eminem. And he does almost the same. Zdenny, whose real name is Zdeněk Kalous is a young rapper. He writes his songs and could the music all by himsef. About six years ago Zdenny started to sing, trying to make his way into the big music world.

Veronika Jelínková | 27. 05. 2016 12:03

The misunderstanding of profesional wrestling

An open letter to "non-wrestling fans"

Janusz Dudys | 26. 05. 2016 13:58

University helps seniors to stay active

University helps seniors to stay active

She decided to jump on board and started to study again when she retired. Now she knows it was the best decision ever.

Dominika Sladká | 25. 05. 2016 17:33

The green, the sun and the football

The green, the sun and the football

I feel only fresh mowed grass. The sun shines on my shoulders. I can hear cars from one side, the birds sing from another. I have simple task - to score the least amount of kicks.

Michaela Částková | 25. 05. 2016 16:20

Instruments that smell like cigars

Instruments that smell like cigars

The small room full of unusual instruments is colourful and cosy. You can hear silent blues from an old radio, there is a sofa and a table with a limo on it. Two young men in their special dress code of red braces, shirt and black pants, welcome me very kindly. I came to hear something about instruments made out of cigar boxes. There are only two places where you can buy them, one here in Brno, and another in Prague.

Marie Drahoňovská | 25. 05. 2016 09:12

Storytelling evening in Amsterdam

On a typical Friday night, a group of people is gathering in a book café in the old part of Amsterdam. Once everyone has settled in – about two dozens of people: young and old, those dressed up and those dressed rather casually, men and women – the man who has been welcoming everyone at the entrance asks us to introduce ourselves to the person next to us and exchange couple of facts with them. So what could a rogue folk guitarist and a student of Russian language and literature possibly have in common that led them to meet there?

Inamjan Ibragimov | 24. 05. 2016 19:31

Students and gardening

Have you ever planted a tree? We put this one and four other easy questions about experiences with gardening to eighteen students of Masaryk university.

Dominika Sladká | 03. 05. 2016 17:46

Jamaica – an island of sun, rum and reggae

A traveller to present about the most famous of Caribbean islands – Jamaica.

Janusz Dudys | 29. 04. 2016 11:03

Students reviewed the Selfie coffee in our survey

A survey about Selfie coffee has been taken among visitors. The results are published in this article.

Kateřina Keprtová | 29. 04. 2016 11:02

3 out of 4 students in the Czech Republic work alongside their studies

In a recent survey conducted among 466 university students regarding the cost of life, three quarters were found to work during the school year.

Inamjan Ibragimov | 26. 04. 2016 20:59

FSS students: We want more language classes

Most of the surveyed Faculty of social studies students think it is important for them to know more than one foreign language. Are they satisfied with the offer of language classes at Masaryk University?

Dominika Sladká | 26. 04. 2016 19:38

Pale beer still the most popular? Beer survey holds results

A recent survey concerning beer preferences of young people didn’t show anything surprising at all as one could have guessed the results beforehand. The survey, conducted online, asked people about the characteristic of their favourite kinds of beer.

Michaela Částková | 25. 04. 2016 18:20

The secret of vaccination is hidden well enough

Students of Masaryk University are highly interested in travelling into exotic countries. A recent survey conducted for English section of muniMEDIA shows that 80% of respondents would like to visit some of these countries. Maybe it´s also because there it might happen that you won´t be on Facebook for a whole day.

Marie Drahoňovská | 25. 04. 2016 17:19

Every 23rd student of Masaryk University studies abroad

Germany has been the most favourite country where to go. Most students that have come to Brno are from Spain. 

Michaela Synková | 24. 04. 2016 23:13

International Festival of Theatre Schools is New Marks & Angles of View

The 26th year of the International Festival of Theatre School Setkání/Encounter involves schools from 11 countries. The festival itself is being held by students of Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno.

Michaela Částková | 14. 04. 2016 14:49

Guests from India to present in centrum Otevřená zahrada

Activists from India comes to Brno with presentation about alternative economic project. 

Marie Drahoňovská | 14. 04. 2016 09:59

Bloggers from Brno sell their clothes, shoes and accessories

Fifteen bloggers have sold their stuff which they have not wore anymore.

Veronika Jelínková | 08. 04. 2016 15:58

FSS students' ball has turned into big party

Ball of FSS students, which took place on Thursday 17 th March in KC Semilasso, was the topic number one in the last few weeks. It was a formal event in creative black tie style, where both students and teachers were invited.

Dominika Sladká | 07. 04. 2016 19:29

Marylin Monroe and Mao Ce-tung meet on Špilberk

Exhibition of Andy Warhol called In the Bottom of my garden has started on Špilberk castle in February. Now you can see there the most famous artworks of Andy Warhol plus series of pictures which have never been seen in Czech Republic.

Michaela Synková | 06. 04. 2016 22:05

We have rice and tea, you have bread and beer, says Emily Chang

She came to the Czech Republic to teach Chinese language due to her Master’s program in Taiwan. She will be in Brno for three months and now she already thinks she would like to come back one day.

Filip Hanzelka | 04. 04. 2016 13:18

Kristine: I have always wanted to study abroad

A twenty-two-year-old student of international relations from Norway has decided to try Czech student life for one semester.

Filip Hanzelka | 04. 04. 2016 13:18

Hostility towards Muslims doesn't discourage me, says a student from Uzbekistan

A student of Russian language and literature at Masaryk University has made Brno his second home.

Filip Hanzelka | 04. 04. 2016 13:18

Mia knows who she is and she is not afraid to tell the World about it

Mia knows who she is and she is not afraid to tell the World about it

While being a Muslim in Brno is sometimes difficult for this Erasmus student from Malaysia, she is clearly enjoying her stay at Masaryk university. 

Marie Drahoňovská | 04. 04. 2016 09:07