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3 out of 4 students in the Czech Republic work alongside their studies

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In a recent survey conducted among 466 university students regarding the cost of life, three quarters were found to work during the school year.

Many of the higher education students in the Czech Republic choose to work part-time to earn their livings. They manage to do so by getting evening jobs or working during weekends. In addition to that, some students work during the summer break between June and August. 

The respondents of the conducted survey were 76% female and 24% male. More than two thirds, namely 69% of them were bachelor students, while 29% were master students and the rest were getting their doctorate degree. 

So, what do they spend their earnings on? 

A typical student’s monthly expenditures comprise of rent, transportation, food, books and social entertainment.  From these, the large chunk of students’ money was found to be spent on rent, as over 70% of respondents were renting, either a flat or a room in a dormitory. The detailed description of these rental expenses is shown in the following diagram. 


Since 18% of respondents answered that they commuted from their parents’ home to the university, transportation costs are another large expenditure in a student’s life. Of those commuters, 32% spent less than 400CZK a month on transportation costs, whereas 41% spent between 400 and 800 CZK, and the rest spent more than 800 CZK. To prove the common stereotype that students are always hungry, intellectual work is indeed found to induce calorie intake. Hence, food is a necessary part of a student’s monthly expenses. More than a third of the survey respondents were outlaying more than 1200 CZK a month on food with the rest of the respondents spending less than that. Moreover, every student needs books, printing, copying of documents and other sorts of stationery. More than 90% of students were spending between 100 and 500 CZK on school-related expenses. Of course, more and more students are interested in intellectual and physical development; hence they periodically go to theatres or to gyms. The majority of respondents (52%) spent less than 400 CZK a month culture and sports. 3% were spending more than 2000 CZK and the remaining respondents spent an amount in between. Last but not least, at this age, social life plays an important role in a student’s life. 40% of the respondents mentioned that they spent less than 400 CZK a month on evening entertainment, while 7% spending more than 2000 CZK monthly and the rest spending something in between. 

Where do the students get money?

As mentioned earlier, most of the respondents were earning their own salary by part-time jobs. 41 percent of the surveyed students had a job on a regular basis during the school year, 34 had temporary jobs, and 25 percent did not work at all.  Nevertheless, some of them get financial aid from their parents. 

The interesting distribution is the category of expenses that the students choose to cover themselves: 70% of respondents said they paid their expenditure on cultural activities, sports and evening entertainment. Whereas the number of respondents independently covering all their rental expenses, transportation costs, food and school accessories amounted to only 17%. 

The biggest financial sources of the students are the next:


To the question if the monthly income (any kind of) is enough for them, half of the respondents said it was enough but it didn’t let them excessively spend money. In fact, 67 percent of the students admitted, that studying at a university was financially demanding for them or their parents and hence pushing the students to getting a part-time job during their studies. While having a job alongside university can be stressful, there is a silver lining in being financially self-sufficient. Having a job, even a part-time job, encourages students to learn about being independent and being responsible for their financial situation from an early age. 

Inamjan Ibragimov, a foreign student of Masaryk university from Uzbekistan, says about his monthly expenses: “My monthly expenses are the next: I pay for accommodation 2200 CZK, when I need some kind of clothes I buy them in the second hand shops, which doesn’t cost much. As to food, I work as a cook in a pizzeria and at work I have free lunches, so my monthly expenses for food are maximum 1500 CZK. We’ll add to these expenses 550 CZK for a monthly public transport ticket, and sometimes I buy some books, so altogether my monthly expenses form approximately 5000 CZK. In pizzeria I work about 100 hours a month, getting around 9000 CZK salary per month, so I can save up monthly the rest 4000 CZK of my salary, which I use for plane tickets home, to Uzbekistan, where I travel twice a year. As to theatres, movies and gym, unfortunately I do not have time for them, and as to night clubs, I do not have desire for them”, concludes the student.

They survey was conducted online on the website Vyplnto.cz

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