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A student from England: I always wanted to do medicine

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Medicine is a hard field to study, but for Fizza Rizvi, fifth-year student on the English study program, it is something that she always wanted to do. She wants to know more information about the human body.

Fizza said that studying about really interesting things such as the detailed human body is something she loves to do. „I love getting the information, because it never ends, and medicine is so big, it is so much to learn. I like learning,“ she explained to me. From a Czech student I have never heard anything like this, but Fizza was sure and was talking seriously. The family of this small and energetic Londoner is said to be full of doctors.

She and her friends on the same English program of Medicine have much to study, but for Fizza it is ok. „Studies are even better than I expected. We have to do a lot and we have very good Czech teachers,“ she said contentedly. In the last three years they have practical training every day. „We go to all the hospitals: Bohunice, St. Anne’s, Children’s Hosptial and Masaryk Oncological Institute.“ Fizza also mentioned that although often she sees the sad cases of people in hospital, she learns how to be a professional. Fizza Rizvi, student on the English program of medicine 

She came to the Czech Republic mainly because she wanted to get different experiences. „Basically I left home because it was something different and exciting, but I also heard a lot about the Czech Republic from my father. He told me he loved to meet doctors from Prague and the knowledge that  they have is very good,“ she described what she knows from her father.

Her sister studied medicine in England. According to Fizza, studying Medicine in the Czech Republic is more traditional, organized and detailed. „In England,  they give students more of a general overview, but here they give us a chance to learn very deeply and support us in that. Theoretical knowledge here is so important,“ she said, commenting on the content of her studies.

When Fizza is tired from the studying, she plays badminton with her friends . „This is something I like to do for fun with my friends because it is different from studying all the time.“ Every year she tries to go to Museum night and she likes any time during Chrismas in Brno. „Markets in Freedom Square are amazing, I love all the things in each shop.“ For Fizza here is real winter with snow, which is different to London. She also thinks Brno is more cosmopolitan and more city-like nowdays than when she arrived here. „I see it grow. I see shops opening and people speak English more, more global fashion and food,“ she spoke about Brno becoming quite similar to big cities such  as London.

However, she looks like very a positive person, even though it was hard, especially  in the beginning, when Fizza came here. She was eighteen and she had never left home before. „It was scary. I went alone and the degree is six years and it is long time be from home,“ she laughed and today she does not look scared at all. Exactly opposite of that, this future doctor would recommend others to do the same way as she has taken.

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