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A student from USA: I wanted to study in a unique country

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Valeria Urbina is 20-year-old student from the USA. She lives in El Paso in Texas, where she is also studying Forensic Biology at University of Texas at El Paso. But in recent weeks she has moved for a one semester thousands of kilometres away from her home to the second largest city in the Czech Republic.  She is studying at Masaryk University at the Faculty of Medicine. And after few weeks she says that Czech Republic and Brno was a really good choice.

She always wanted to study at foreign university. "Even before I graduating high school, I knew that I would like to study abroad," she says. She wanted to study in country which is not very common for American students. "Everybody in the United States wants to study in Spain or France, but I wanted somewhere completely unique," says. And because she likes challenges, she moved to the country with a totally different culture, language, and tradition.

And why Masaryk University? "I choosed the Faculty of Medicine because they offer wide scale of subjects. Forensic Biology isn’t offered there, so I’m studying Inorganic chemistry, Ecotoxicology, Biomarkers of Toxicity, social psychology, and general sociology there," says talented student. There is also big difference in education. "My classes in the USA were huge. I was sitting in an auditorium with 300 students, and here in Brno all my classes have been with 10-15 students, so the teaching is much more interactive. On the other hand, each subject at University in El Paso has two or three lectures for week. Here, I only go to lecture once a week, or maybe only three times in the whole semester," says Valeria.

Valeria also really likes Czech Republic and Brno. "Czech Republic is very unique, and the city of Brno offers so many things to do." According to her words food is very cheap, delicious and Brno offers such a homey atmosphere. "Although I am not in El Paso I feel at home in Brno. It has a beautiful city centre, without many tourists. Also, it is extremely safe, so I can walk alone at any time of the day."

As she herself admits study stay in Brno has helped her improve self-confidence. "I think living in another country has helped me realize, that I am a strong and independent individual, that can make important decisions on my own, and survive away from home." And what Valeria planning for the future? "After obtaining my bachelor's degree, I want to apply to medical school.” And because she loves travelling, she also wants to study in some exotic country. "I would like to study somewhere completely different in the future, such as in South America. Maybe in Peru or Chile"

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