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Activists with homeless stayed overnight at Freedom Square

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Speakers, people with banners and homeless protested against an unaffordable housing for all in Brno

Homeless protested at Freedome Square.

Brno – Dozens of people pointed out the fact that apartment rentals are continually increasing and some parties making up the Brno coalition are pushing for further privatization of flats from urban funds. An event called Za dostupné bydlení! (For an affordable housing) started on Thursday on 25 August and lasted the whole night until the morning.

Prázdné trůny (Empty thrones), an emancipation spiritually activist collective, organized the event for volunteers who wanted to express their opinion on housing policy at Freedom Square. Adam Geisler, one of the organizers, had expected at least one hundred people to come to the square. “We were disappointed by the electoral preferences in Brno. We don’t like the privatization, which is promoted by the political party ODS,” said Geisler. The Prázdné trůny collective is interested in social housing and in the way the city is dealing with homeless people.

Besides the organizers and the people who care about social housing, some of the homeless also took part in the protest. Miroslav Jakš has been living on the street for four years. “I am here because I want to thank people who support us. Without them we would die because the city management refuses to give us social benefits,” he said. Because he hasn’t got any money he is living with his girlfriend in a broken booth without a door and windows.

Various speakers spoke at the event about problems with housing. One of them was Martin Freund from political movement Žít Brno, which has led the social sphere in Brno over the last four years. After the protest, some volunteers were sleeping in their sleeping bags with homeless people on the square.

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