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Amateur? No problem. Welcome on the stage!

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Kateřina Milatová, twenty-year-old amateur actress, singer and student of English, looks happy when she is talking about theatre “I'm not a liar if I say that my personal experiences and feelings are mostly positive, I can say that I've been playing the theatre for a long time and I'm glad for it. The thing which I really appreciate is that I can see the backstage or in general the background of each drama.” It is interesting, there are so many people who have to cooperate - technicians, lighting electricians, wardrobe mistress, sound engineer, prompter and of course a director, people who are not visible but who fundamentally influence the play.

Theatre in HronovThis activity has a long tradition in the Czech Republic and it's still popular. Almost in every small town there is a group of unprofessional artists who want to amuse people around. There are also some festivals and competitions focused on this kind of entertainment – for example there is one festival every August in Hronov, where Alois Jirásek was born and where Kateřina is from. This events are full of new experiences and friendships for artists and spectators.


There is a really wide choice of free time activities if you we want to spend our time meaningfully. We could play the violin, read lyrical poems, learn exotic language, go to the theatre to watch a perfect comedy. Or we can act in this perfect comedy. It is not necessary to be a graduate of conservatory if you want to be an amateur actor. Káťa for example used to be a student of business academy. An enthusiasm, a sense of teamwork and love for art, that's the most important. Undoubtedly each ability is an advantage – playing some musical instrument, to be a good improviser or a singer. Theatre and music are narrowly interconnected. Except of singing Káťa loves playing the guitar.


Kateřina remembers one funny story from the beginning of her amateur career. “I was a child, at my elementary school there was an opportunity to play in a school musical. It was a play Staré pověsti české and I played the main character Libuše, princess who could see the future and who was the Přemysl's wife. In the end of premier, the audience – my classmates – started shouting that I have to kiss Přemysl, we were so ashamed, but finally we did it. It was success,” smiles Káťa. “After some time I could join the group of adult amateur actors and I'm here till today. I really like it, everyone here is authentic and has his own approach to the acting,” she says.


Of course there are some obstacles which have to be overcame – uncertainty and stage fright are the common troubles in the backstage. Special trick for perfect speaking is practising the tongue-twisters, it could prevent embarrassing mistake on the stage. Sometimes it is boring during the preparing phase of the play. The actors have to repeat the scenes again and again to make them perfect and to make director satisfied. “For me is little bit strange to see the faces of all the spectators, when the lights are not completely switched off in the auditorium.” describes Káťa her personal challenge.


Kateřina thinks that there are lot of reasons why we should try it, there is nothing to lose. Everybody can find his place in a theatre, the role which is great for him. A very important benefit is making friendships, it's really kind of teamwork, a good team plays well. There are so many funny stories which happened during, before or after performances – the prompter lost in the text more than actor, funny stumbles etc. Káťa describes her colleagues as a cheerful people always ready to say some joke. An interesting fact is that stereotyped vision of cruel and impulsive director who wants to destroy your self-confidence is often only a myth. Everybody is nervous sometimes and acting could help people to be less shy or ashamed during some presentations or discussions in the real life.


“I want to say that the atmosphere of the theatres is magical and the acting is an adrenalin sport and a great relaxation in the same time, something what became to be a part of my life,” says Káťa. Definitely she is right, it is exciting activity which could calm our mind – we have to look, speak and think as the role which we play, there is no place for the daily problems and stress.













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