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Anthropoid movie- About us, (almost) without us

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Czech people, including me,  are usually very picky about movies with the theme of the Second world war. The reason why is that they feel heroic. We are the victims of Nazi evil but still the ones who were, in many cases, brave enough to face it.  This is the reason why it really depends on how Czechs are depicted in the ranking of the movie. The topic of Anthropoid operation is even more sensitive, since for some, it is not black and white issue. However, what everybody agrees on is that it was an act of absolute bravery.

Saun Eliss, director and screenwriter of the movie was able to describe the story of two Czech parachutes committing an assassination of the Deputy Protector of Bohemia and Moravia Reynard Heyndrich well. The problem is that the story does not have any strong side storyline. The beginning is thus built on empty loves which are hard to believe in and make the first minutes unnecessarily protracted. The very similar problem comes in the end of the movie. Everyone who knows the story is aware of their final shooting death and the consequences. Hence, it was not necessary to turn the last minutes into the movie by Tarantino.  On the other hand, for people who do not know the story, it is the end which makes you think about it even after couple of hours.

What deserve appreciation are the sets of the movie. It was filmed in Prague, on the same places where the assassination took place. Unfortunately, it was one of very few things which were Czech.

Two main heroes of the story Josef Gabčík and Jan Kubiš were represented by two Irish actors- Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan. Even though, their interpretation of those two resistance fighters probably achieved what Eliss had intended- that is Dornan as the sweet, little more rational and afraid one, who will gain popularity among all the women in connection of his previous role, and Murphy as Gabčík- the brave one with the total focus on the task and cold reconciled face.Still, they are not Czechs. Their „Slavic “accent sounds artificial on the view of the fact they were not able to pronounce Czech names. This is something even Aňa Gaislerová as a main woman character is not able to save.

The movie Anthropoid is a great one when you are not Czech. If you are, it is a nice reminder of the history with the ridiculous undertone of foreign undetailed knowledge of Czech nation.  On the other hand, it does not change anything about the story which is strong, makes people think and with a little hope gives lesson for the future.


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