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Barbora Chattova wins first national science slam in Brno with her Antarctic project

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A student from Masaryk University attracted audience with her research about penguins and diatoms


Brno (mm) - A young botanist Barbora Chattova beat five scientists in the first Czech finale of the science slam and she qualified in the European finals. The show took place in Sono centre in Brno on the 1 November. Spectators received varied information from scientific fields. Competitors told them the way the stars are born or they explained the similarity between a potato field and a quantum field.

This finals was a battle between Masaryk University and Charles University. Young scientists presented their research to the audience in an intelligible and funny way. The winner Barbora Chattova explained that thanks to penguins, diatoms perform photosynthesis in Antarctica. ‘I am very happy I have won. It is great that I can share my knowledge about diatoms with others,’ a young girl said after receiving almost two hundred votes from the audience.


One of the scientists presented differences between sentences in cities in the Czech Republic and other talked about neurosurgery. A young doctor explained that it is sometimes better to cut a half centimetre beside to avoid a permanent disablement.


During the evening an improvisatory group the Impro Džow performed and used the new scientific information for their sketches. ‘I really liked their funny performance. I also enjoyed Jakub Kubecka´s show about importance of plastic,’ one of the spectators Jakub Huťa said.


The purpose of science slam is to share information about science and make it popular. Masaryk University and Charles University held this show in the Czech Republic. Other European universities organize science slam too and the European finals is going to take place in University Cinema Scala on the 4 December. All the performances are going to be in English.


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