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Barnaul or Brno, so hard to choose...

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Barnaul and Brno – these are two cities which mean a lot to Anne Sharova, student of journalism and environmental studies at Masaryk University. Even though they sound similar, the distance from one destination to the other is 7,000 km. Czech people can hardly imagine such a scale…

I was in a hurry after long day at university. Suddenly, I heard something in Russian and I turned back. It was a voice of a small blonde haired girl with nice smile and a bit surprised look. I realized that I was staring too obviously.

Few days later Anne, 19-year-old Russian from my hometown Barnaul, was sitting in front of me and glutted me with information about her amazing journey from one continent to another. Everything had started in Russia, Siberia. Yes, you read it right – Siberia. “This is the information that never remains without comment. Once I really said that we had bears walking on the streets. You should have seen their faces…” she told me and laughed out loud. She has a good sense of humor which made our interview a lot of fun.

There are many reasons why people come to the Czech Republic for studying: quite low prices, acceptable weather, better proximity to other European countries… Surprisingly, Anne has chosen the Czech Republic thanks to its language. She fell in love with it from the first sight, she said. It also motivated her while learning Czech in Podebrady, where she attended special courses of Charles University for foreigners. The preparation for the university lasted one year. Now she is quite confident in speaking, which is indeed praiseworthy.

There have been many towns in her life: Barnaul, Moscow, Prague, Podebrady, Brno… She is used to bigger cities. Anyway, Podebrady counted only 14,000 inhabitants and there was little variety of places where she could spend her leisure time. “It was a tough. I wanted to have at least a little fun, so every weekend I went to Prague. I have a lot of friends there” Anne pointed out that her beloved place in Prague was the wall of John Lennon. There she met many inspiring musicians who become her close friends afterwards. In addition, all the colloquial words and many language skills she owes to this place.

When she was thinking of Brno she couldn’t imagine that this city has such a diverse cultural life. “You can find anything here! From watching old movies somewhere in the basement to international festivals in the center of the city” she marveled.

She told me that in Russia she couldn’t find many volunteer organizations whereas in the Czech Republic it is a usual proceeding. For example, from 13th till 15th of October the international film festival EKOFILM took place at Faculty of Social Sciences and Anne participated in organization of it. She worked as an interpreter from Russian to Czech.

As the time passed by we started talking about more private matters. I was astonished when this strong-willed and self-confident lady confessed that in the very beginning she was extremely scared of what the Czechs would think of her. Unfortunately, politics interfere in private relationships even though we don’t want it. Nowadays we can see the great tension between Russia and European countries. “I was surprised that they didn’t want to kill me. I was thinking that they hated all the Russians but none of them had really. True, there is a little dislike towards Russians but it is not that destructive as I thought.” Anne is a pleasant and kind person so she actually has no problems with making friends. On the contrary, even while answering these questions her friend, who was heading home, noticed us and joined the conversation for a while.

My last question was a bit speculative. If she could move back in time, would she recommend herself going to the Czech Republic again? The answer was clear. “Indeed, the Czech Republic is wonderful!”

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