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Blindness to the needs of others kills

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You can see them all around. Dirty and stinky. And we do not notice them. We are living our own world in our own small closed bubble. If they sometimes disturb it with the question: “Will you give me a twenty?” we refuse in disgust. People without home...

Homeless Veteran on the streets of Boston, MA. Foto: Matthew Woitunski

Francis and his girlfriend Larissa were coming from a party and desperately wanted to go to the bed, to sleep. Drunk by a music and cheap wine they walked towards the Brno main railway station. The night buses were already there, obediently arranged and forming a belt of caterpillars. They looked for their bus, passing tired eyes, half-empty benches and the night’s rush.

Suddenly, a dull sound interrupted their conversation. They spotted a furious face of a young man in a hood. “How many times do I have to tell you?!” he yelled and very angrily like an aggressive animal kicked down a stick that was leaning on a bench. It belonged to a tanned, soiled and wrinkled shaking homeless man. Francis stopped and stared at the scene there.

The animal ran around, furiously kicking into the laying bags of the homeless man that silently wheezed: “I am ill!” And people around just stood there, waiting for their buses, for their own destinies. They saw the whole situation but did not make a move. They were too caught up in their selfish selves. “When I see a fight I try to go away, be invisible. Much less when the fight includes homeless men,” says a resident of Brno Jacob Novak. 

The animal walked away nearby. Francis picked up the stick and handed it to the man saying: “Here you are.” He wanted to tell something to the boy but later admitted that he had been scared a little bit. Mostly because he was afraid for his girlfriend and knew he was not there alone. “It reminded me of so many cases when young boys aggressively beat to death a homeless, but I thought this was the end, that the young boy walked away and that was it,” said Francis.

But he was wrong. There was another homeless person. He stood in the left corner of the stop, next to the homeless man with a stick sitting on the bench. His hands were tucked into the pockets of a holey, brownish, brown leather jacket. He shook his head and repeated: "Why does he do that?" But the homeless obviously said too much. The animal was not gone entirely. It was circling around its victims, there and back, as the cougar does. Waiting for the slightest impulse of its victim, twitching or movement, and attacks instantly.

Meanwhile, Francis and his girl got into a night bus. It was half-empty, but they did not sit. They were shaking angrily and did not know what to do. But the inside of the caterpillar was quiet. On the faces of passengers, there was a peace. But in Francis, it fermented.

Francis’s hopelessness was interrupted by the animal. “What did you say?” it roared. The animal grabbed the man who was wearing the brown leather jacket and pushed him to the stop glass. He only lifted his hands up, lowered his eyes, and still muttered something. “You will not shut your mouth?” said the predator. It spat in disgust at the side, turned, and made a small circle. As if thinking about its output. But it had long known what was coming.

Larissa shouted: “What the hell? He cannot be serious?!” But nobody gave a damn about it. Everyone was still preoccupied in their life, sitting obediently in their seats and waiting.

The animal grabbed the man’s jacket, and with the other hand, it began to beat him mercilessly. At regular intervals, slow movements to make the punches hard enough. The man crouched more and more with each hit. He huddled himself to his humble self, not even casting a voice. He did not resist. Like he was used to this kind of behavior. It was as if he was getting the same thrashing every day.

People around sometimes glanced at the scene but still lived their own lives. They probably thought it is not their business. That if another homeless man will die, like it happened a few years ago in Denisovy sady, where young boys beat a man to death, Brno will be at least one of the dirty man poorer.

Francis’s girlfriend shouted: “Why does not anybody do something?” But nobody cared. “I would not care either. Why would I help some stranger? To get hurt? No, thanks,” says Jacob Novak. Back then, Francis wanted to run from the bus and stop the animal from hurting the homeless man. “I wanted Francis to do something about the scene, but I was so scared. I saw a potential horror in my head about Francis getting killed by that horrible person so I run out from the bus too and stopped him,” explained Larissa.

Meanwhile the animal jumped into the bus which closed a door behind him and drove away to the dark night. Francis and Larissa came back too. They both were silent. “We knew, that we all are living in our own small closed bubbles. That no one will do anything. Because we all are scared. So, that night, I realized why cases like the one in Pardubice, where young boys murdered a man or the case when two policemen killed the homeless in Plzeň, why these cases happen. People are so hateful. And people are also selfish. But most of all, people are scared,” he said.

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