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Brno is a city for studying, not for living, says Slovak student

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The most interesting about people is the impression they can make on the others. Twenty-two years old woman Andrea Benedek is from Slovakia and she studies British and American studies at University of Vienna and also journalism at Masaryk University. She is hard-working even if she has her own fears and insecurities. Who is Andrea Benedek, and why can her story make a really good impression on you?

Andrea left home at her seventeen. She didn´t feel very well and comfortable at home as a teenager. Her relations with parents haven´t always been very ideal.That´s why she wanted to become independent as soon as possible. But she was also always very adventurous. „I love everyone who is ready to go anywhere. I think the world around us is too interesting to spend it at one place for a longer time,“ she thinks. But for Andrea a long time can mean a month. Maybe two. That´s why she left home and had been living in Vienna since she was seventeen. That´s why she decided to study British and American studies at the University of Vienna. Moreover, she decided to study journalism in Brno as well. Likewise, she had two part-time jobs all at once. And she also had a social life. She is teaching English and German language people of various age in Bratislava nowadays. As Andrea says, she was always good at languages.


Andrea is only 22 years old Slovakian girl. Isn´t twenty two years too short period of time for having done all of these things? It´s not very common to study at two universities at the same time. You can be regarded as some sort of an asocial person because of less free time. „Even though it´s extremely time consuming and hard, it´s important to have a good time management,“ thinks Andrea who accomplished her bachelor studies and received a diploma at the University of Vienna last month. Her advice for all the people is to be not afraid of failing. „Where would I be if I had depressions after all negative things and failures?“ asks Andrea. But as she says, she is missing her home very often. 

She decided to study journalism in Brno when her studies at Vienesse university started to fail because of the approach of her professors. She felt like her exams at school were impossible to pass and also reflects that there´s a big difference between professors at Masaryk University and at the university she attended in Vienna. “I may say that in Vienna they focus on your national identity. If you´re not a student from west situated country, they´re less respectful towards you,” she says. Even if it sounds quite unbelievable, they are able to recognize that student is from Slovakia. Andrea thinks that there is a better approach to students in Brno. “Professors got used to Slovak students, because there is almost more Slovak students in comparison to Czech ones,“ laughs Andrea.

In Vienna she attended a course whose contents focused on media propaganda and media effects on the society in general. That´s a point where her interest in journalism started and why she decided to be external student at Masaryk University. But on the other hand, she doesn´t feel like working for newspapers. She would like to get a job at some radio station. But as she says, not in Brno. She can´t imagine living here. „It´s a student city for me. I don´t feel like living here for the rest of my life,“ adds Andrea, who has other visions. She would like to live in the Netherlands in the future.

She has never felt like Slovakia could offer something to her. „I have always found myself wondering, oh, what can I really do here, that´t not a way how I want to spend my life. I didn´t regard studies in Slovakia as a very perspective for me. I would like to say anything else, but I can´t,“ thinks Andrea. As she says, she has always been independent, wanted to try to live abroad, wanted to live to the fullest and simply enjoy her time. There´s a determination in her voice. She is really not scared about the world at all. About loneliness or wandering. You would almost say that she had never had any experiences with that kind of things. „Sometimes I feel like my whole life is one big erasmus,“ adds Andrea with smile.





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