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Brno is a perfect place for Erasmus student

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Intrview with Erasmus student.

Brno is a perfect place for Erasmus student

Giedrius is a 22 year old student from Lithuania. He came to Brno in September.  It’s only one month ago, but he feels like home.


We had to meet at Faculty of Social Studies Wednesday at  13:00. It was already 13:10 and I was still alone. I was freezing and he came only in shirt, because in Lithuania is much colder weather than here.  Reason why he was late was that he went by wrong tram. ,,It’s not for first time”, admits Giedrius. After a month he still doesn’t know Brno very well. First week in Brno was the orientation week. It wasn’t so interesting from university side, but it was quite funny. Everyone was free because school didn‘t start yet. No wonder that Giedrius feels very exciting about Brno, university and new people. He is still smiling and has no trouble to communicate with strangers. My first question was connect with his name, because it seems to me really interesting. ,,It means bright day, sunny day, without clouds,” smiled Giedrius. He is guy with the right name.


He is studying International politics and development, but he doesn’t belong to any program. ,,I just took the lectures which seem the most similar to my home university one. It’s closest to international relations, my study is mostly international politics concentrate to middle east, “ explained to me Giedrius. At the university he hasn‘t met any rude people, everyone is nice to him. Maybe it’s because everyone speaks in English or if it’s because he is in English classes , so there are other international students as well. Giedrius finds Masaryk University more fancy then his university and also bigger. His favorite subject is Human Rights in Post-Conflict Societies, just because lector gives a lot of time for discussion. ,,It’s important because you feel as a member of discussion. You brainstorm different ideas and it opens new points of view,” relishes Giedrius.


He has school only on Monday, so he has a plenty of free time. But not so much as it seems. ,,I feel busy all the time but when I look for my day what did I do? I ate, I did laundry, slept maybe listen to few songs, met with friends and day is over,” laughs Giedrius. ,,Maybe because  my  roommate is Italian and you know Italians, they are lazy and I’m lazy from nature as well ,so we both are very slow and everything takes a lot of time.”


 Brno is the right place for Giedrius. According him is a perfect city for Erasmus experiences. He could have chosen almost any European country but since it is his last year in bachelor he needed all his subjects to be similar and MU offered a huge parade of English subject. When he had to choose between Prague and Brno, he ask friends and they all said Brno is the best choice. Lots of students, lot of bars. After a month he doesn’t miss home. He has new friends, new life and new routines here. It fills all the gaps. ,,I like Brno. I didn’t expect I will like it as much,” says Giedrius. Czech Republic it’s in the middle of Europe so when Giedrius travels around he definitely come to visit Brno. Once he met French student who was on Erasmus in Brno too. Every year he come back. Just to visit and meet friends. It’s also an option for Giedrius. According to his learning agreement,  he’ll be here to the middle of February. On Christmas he is going to visit his family. Mostly  because his brother will be back from Afrika. This family has obviously travelling in their blood. Giedrius doesn’t like to stay at one place. He went to UK last summer and he was in Norway summer before.  Now he is here and he is trying to explore all Czech Republic, not only Brno. He has already hiked Sněžka and visited Czech National Park. ,, I’ve been to Prague but I don’t remember it because I was very young so I’ll go there again,“ talking about his plans and asking me about some interesting, not so common, places. Traveling is Giedrus’s top priority so maybe one day he will return to Brno.






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