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Brno is quite small – a shock to a particular foreign student

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A student of international relations from Budapest is enthusiastic about the professional service he gets at Masaryk University.

Daniel Peter is a foreign student from a small town in western Hungary. He is twenty-five years old. He studied in Budapest the past few years. “It’s a lovely city,” he says. This semester is his fourth in Brno.

He is interested in international relations and Slavonic studies and it was also his field of study at the University in Budapest. “My focus was the Czech language, in the Slavonic studies obviously, I said to myself: ‘Yeah, why not come here.’ So that’s why I ended up here,” he says.

Daniel was going through courses you can enrol in the Czech Republic.  “It seemed that European politics they have here is really cool. I went through the program, the requirements and also tuition fees, and it appeared as the best option. So I applied and I was also lucky enough to get a scholarship from the International Visegrad Fund. So, they are financing my studies.” And that is the reason why he chose Brno.

Daniel thinks that there are many differences between universities here and in Hungary. He studied at two universities at the same time and he didn’t feel he was being much involved in the whole system, not even in the material they were studying. “I came here and I can say I am really satisfied with the program and the professors in general. I am happy how professionally they take care of you, which is something new to me. Back there they never even read our papers. Coming here was one of the best choices I have ever made,” says Daniel happily.

Daniel was surprised that Brno was really small in comparison Budapest. “At first it was a bit shocking to me, you know, coming from Budapest, which is always full of life and opportunities, and arriving here, where I didn’t know anyone and didn’t know what I could do here. It just seemed very small to me. However, I grew very fond of it, I like being here,” he says.

Daniel likes student life in Brno. There are many activities, events are being organized frequently, something is always happening. There are also many groups, organizations that he can join any time. He thinks Brno is the perfect place to be a student.  “I have a lot of friends here. I always had a group of friends but every semester some of them left. On the other hand, new ones came and I was able to establish a group of people that I can hang out with, so I cannot complain,” Daniel says.

He doesn’t have much free time actually, but when he does, he likes going out for a beer. He thinks that this is a great thing here, considering the many quality pubs, also the not so quality pubs can be an interesting experience. “I am not an expert on the kinds of beer. I always try to choose different ones, when I visit a pub. I appreciate the wide variety they are offering.” He also tries to go to the gym sometime in order to keep fit. He takes walks with his friends and he plays the piano. It depends on how much time he really has.

Daniel is definitely staying in Brno for a bit, probably few months after he will finish school. “I might go to different countries for a while but I might come back, it depends on job opportunities really. I enjoyed the two years I’ve spent here, so I definitely see a chance of coming back,” he closes.


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