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Burning a witches has a long history and Czech republic keeps tradition

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April is the month of flowers spring and parades. I decided to  be part in one. Burning witches has a long history. The parade is common in Germany or Scandinavian countries but not in mine. I come from Slovakia and we do not have any type of these feasts. I did not know what to expect and everything was new for me.

Burning a witch

Me and my classmatates decide to take a trip to the small village in the east of Bohemia called Cerekvice nad Loučnou. The village was beautiful. It has only eight hundred residents but there is everything what you need for living. In the centre of the village was build “Máj” which is a tree representing the wellcome of spring. The celebration was starting here.

My classmates Lucia and Martin know almost everybody. More and more people is coming and everybody is greeting everyone except me. “Come closer,” said Martin and immediately introducing his friends. In few minutes I know everyone and we are starting to drink homemade “slivovica” made in Cerekvice which is a spirit made from plumbs. It is our first shot but I think it is not the last one for this evening.

We are going to the football stadium where ceremony should start. One of the older men is holding the stuffed mannequin wich just a little is reminding a wich. It is made from wood and hay and on the top of her head there is a big witch hat.

We are almost in front of the stadium yet there comes another shot of slivovica. I think that everybody brings a bottomless bottle but I don’t mind and I am enjoying the beautiful warm caress in my stomach. In few minutes we are finally near the stadium and there is a prepared a box made of wooden logs. “There is the place where the witch will be burn,” says Lucia.

In few more minutes the celebration is going to start. Everybody is excited and waiting for the fire. The whole village is here. Children or elderly people. Everyone wants to watch how witch will be burnt. The tradition was made in the half of nineteenth century and was brought by german people. Today it is a tradition where a witch represents everything bad what can happen to the village. As a symbol of evil, the evil must be destroyed by a fire. Many Czech villages has this tradition. In some towns there is a celebration too.

“Set a fire,” a small girl behind me is shouting to the man who is holding the unlighten torch. The crowd is keeping shouting. “Fire, fire, fire,” they scream. The man is lighting the torch. everybody is waiting for the fire. The man is coming closer and throwing the torch in a box with the mannequin. The mannequin is immediately in a fire and crowd thunders.

Little kids are screaming and running around the burning witch.

After ceremony we are heading to the celebration of succsessfull burning of the wich. The half of village citizens are here. Everybody drinks and waiting for a meat wich is preparing Martin and Lucia’s friend.

“So you finally know what does “Burning the wich” means,” sais Lucia and we have another shot of slivovica. The rest of evening looks same. Everybody drink eat and having fun.

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