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Czech Republic is my home, but some things only Russia can offer, says Anastasia from Mostar

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In the very beginning, she was excited about moving to foreign country, she wanted to explore it and make new friends there. She realized immediately that it wouldn´t be easy to fit in another culture and understand those strange unfashionable people.However, her family made it, they built a new home in Brno, 3500 miles far from their birthplace. Twelve years old Anastasia Kriushenko and her family settled down in the Czech Republic, a land they had never heard about before.


“It wasn´t my decision to come to the Czech Republic, nobody even asked me. However, I understood that it was necessary,” says Anastasia, twenty-one year old student from Masaryk University. Her father is an IT specialist and he could not find a job in Barnaul where they lived. “Even though the population of the city is six hundred thousand there were no job opportunities for him. Suddenly, there was an offer from a corporation in Brno. That was a chance my father and the whole family could not afford to miss,” admits Anastasia. Her father came to Brno three years earlier than the rest of the family, he started to build a new career and place where to live with his wife and two daughters.

Beginnings were hard for Anastasia, she started to attend the second grade of elementary school and for the other children became a stranger from Russia. “Many classmates came to know me and helped me a lot, but some of them made me feel different and tried to bully me,” remembers Anastasia. She lost all friendships from Russia and without knowledge of Czech language she hardly made friends in the new school.

In Russia, they have a different school system. Students attend eleven classes then pass school leaving exams and go directly to the universities. They have to manage more curriculum in less time. Therefore, when Anastasia started attending her seventh grade in Czech school, she already had enough knowledge for secondary school. “It was just like a repetition for me, I knew the answers and had a lot to say, but I didn´t know the language,” says Anastasia. It took about half a year before she and her family members could properly speak Czech. “For my mother it was the biggest struggle, she worked as a teacher and she had to surrender her dream job because of her Russian distinctive accent,” evaluates Anastasia.

Just a couple weeks ago, Anastasia got a Czech citizenship; she officially has two homes now. “My father was nervous about a situation in Ukraine and we all felt a quite big hate to the Russian nationality in the Czech Republic, he thought it will be much safer for us with a Czech citizenship. In fact, if Czech people judged us or expelled from the country for any reason I wouldn´t stay in a country like that anymore,” says Anastasia.

She is satisfied in Brno but she is still missing something there. Anastasia surely wants to come back to Russia in the future. “I have a split personality and I do not feel very well about that. Russia´s boys are more attractive for me, we have much more in common then with the local ones. We grew up with same movies and fairy tales and at least we have the same sense of humour,” adds Anastasia. She also sees some differences between Russian and Czech culture. “In Russia, people are rude and unpleasant, In Czech Republic people greet to strangers at the shop or on the streets, first time, it was really weird but I like it now. However, I hate how Czech people dress up; some of them do not care about the way they look like at all. On the other hand, Russian people wear fashionable clothes just to look good to others, feeling good is not their priority,” compares Anastasia. As the time passes, she also prefers more casual style than before. “I often slip some trainers on than high-heeled shoes,” says Anastasia and looks at her heels during the interview. “This is an exception today,” adds Russian girl with laugh.

When I came to the interview, Anastasia was editing a new video report for student´s television, she looked annoyed but I tolerated it because I struggled with editing program many times too. She took the time to make a great, interesting report. She told me that it is necessary to do every work precisely because one day it will be her job. She wants to become a reporter for Russian television and she works hard for it.

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