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Diana, an accordion musician: The stage isn't the only place to excel for an artist

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A feature story about an accordion musician Diana and her way to career.

The rays of the sun are falling on a dark road. Shop windows are sparkling clean opposite the dewy leaves of the grass in the dinky park. The town is waking up. Wizard piping birdy voice is being drown out by annoying creaks of the trams. All the people are slowly welcoming a new day. Employees are getting ready for work, children and students are looking for their school bags.

Diana Musilova, a twenty-two years student, needs a bit different equipment for her school –books or pencil case are not essential for Diana. Her everyday necessities consist of dexterous hands, sharp mind and especially her musical instrument, accordion. Those three elements accompain Diana on her journey. Not just to the building of Brno's Conservatory, but on her life journey to her dream.

The whole idea came up when Diana was ten years old. One day she saw the awesome instrument in the hands of her friend. Diana was excited by the originality of the instrument with such a huge amount of buttons and small keybords and her desire to be able to chime it became true soon. ''Accordion is simply phenomenal. Many people have no idea about how many different compositions can be played on it, '' says Diana. Sha started studying at the art school and the playing accordion wasn't just a hobby for a long time. After finishing elementary school, the aim of her following studies was clear – Conservatory Brno, an institut for all the music lovers opened her the horisons of the real musical art.

Diana's initial ambitions in this discipline were really high. ''I wanted to prepare for the following studies at prestigious university to become reputable musician,“ admited she. However,the studying really isn't easy. ''I found out the way to the career is very long and I must to study hard to evolve into a good artist,'' claimed she. Diana learned a lot during the six years at the Conservatory. She has succeed in her graduation concert recently. But her ideas about the future have changed a bit. ''It's unbelivable that there's no chance to follow the accordion studies anywhere in the Czech Republic. To improve more, I would have to move abroad,'' said she.

Although Diana's future steps won't lead to any university for musicians, her musicial life is going to be brightened up anyway. ''I would like to study further, and receive a degree at the Pedagogical Faculty to be allowed to teach,'' revealed she. At the time Diana is already trying to extend her abilities – she has already started teaching one woman. ''I love this work. Not just my pupil is taught during the lessons. ''While I am teaching, I am learning too,'' smiled Diana.


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