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Drugs in sports can destroy careers, lives and bring a lot of problems

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An ancient quote says that a man cannot fool only two things – himself and his past. Slovak hockey player Martin can confirm these words. His life is full of ups and downs and his story is really interesting. His story is also quite frustrating in some parts and sometimes even unbelievable. After a tough life period he became one of the most prospective hockey players in Slovakia and he also was on the right path into popular league NHL. However, his life has made another twist recently and his whole future career is in doubt.


A talented boy from Slovakia who was born in the Czech republic he got through a difficult childhood. He did not know his biological parents and was adopted by his close family when he was a baby. In spite of their great effort, his life started to be full of problems as he was growing up. Although he played hockey and was really good at it, he started to experiment with alcohol and drugs. “I was young and I was also curious. Actually, I was pretty stupid. Sadly, I wanted to try almost everything. I wanted to be cool. When I was a teenager, my family got it really tough with me,” explains Martin.

Drugs and many risks which were connected to them could lead a young unexperienced boy to a huge catastrophe. Martin realized that he was on a way to destroy his life in an early age. He was simply reckless. “I can confirm that, I was reckless. I also lacked responsibility. Some of my friends ended very badly, because of the drugs. Fortunately, I decided to choose a different way.” When he was seventeen he managed to solve all his personal problems and became a professional hockey player. 

After a successful season in the Czech league he went to a Swiss league. Martin was in a great form and shortly he became a part of the Slovak national team. Life had troublesome plans with Martin. Last summer, when he was planning to travel to Canada to train with the first team of Montreal, a medical team found a terrible disease in his body. The diagnosis was clear – heart muscle inflammation. Verdict was strict and also cruel. Martin had to stop playing hockey and all he could do was rest. “It was very depressing and heart-breaking. I had to leave my biggest love. It is also very difficult to do nothing when you are used to training every day and playing matches twice a week.”

Media started to speculate, if Martin was not coming back to the demons of his past. “Several newspapers wrote that I started to take drugs again and that I drank a lot of alcohol. Those stories were based on lies, but some people believed it anyway. I did not take things like that in years.” Martin's situation is still difficult, but young lad tries to stay optimistic. “I am not giving up. My dream still is to play in the NHL and I am desperate enough to do everything to get there. My hockey skills remained untouched and my physical condition is just a matter of time.”

Martin is lucky that he managed to quit using drugs and drinking alcohol. This decision saved his whole life. His career and life could be over now. There are many examples of young sportsmen who became addicted to some substances and it destroyed their whole existence. Drugs in sports is a topic which is quite tabooed but nevertheless many professionals played their biggest battles not at the pitch, but in their personal life.

With great money which is cumulated in the world of sports, comes also a great responsibility. Nowadays, many professional sportsmen have a problem with dealing with the pressure. Pressure is a part of the life and it is a part of the work too. However, for some people it can be a big hit for their mental health. After that, they try to find an escape from everyday problems and that escape often comes in a form of drugs or alcohol.

That is not a solution. Both alcohol and drugs have a devastating impact on a people´s health and it is important to understand this fact. It is never too late to seek for a help and recover. , Martin , the hero of this story is a good example of what a strong individual can get through and still return to the right path. He has his demons. He has his past, as does everyone. But past is something that a man cannot change. On the other hand, the future is uncertain. People never know what can happen. For that reason, it is very important to focus on the present, because present is the one thing that we can change.

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