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Easter Market or Taste Market?

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It's colorful everywhere; every booth is decorated by its owners. However, it is a crowded place, especially in the food market. While looking around the shops, food samples are almost finished, but the selling products almost remain unchanged.

The sun finally comes out after the four-month winter, people start going out to celebrate spring. The main square in front of Schonbrunn Palace is filled with visitors. The palace garden is still closed, so they want to experience the Easter Market before entering the palace. Vienna has famous Easter markets; the one in Schonbrunn Palace is regarded as the most popular. There is a huge Easter egg in the middle of the market, with vivid paintings about the story of Jesus’ resurrection. Children are running around the Easter egg, they have no cares about the bible story, but having fun. The air is full of fragrance from food; you can easily recognize the smell of red wine, donuts, caramel waffles and Vienna sausages.  

It is colourful everywhere; every booth is decorated by its owners. However, it is a crowded place, especially in the food market. If my friends had chosen a better place for waiting, I could never have entered this crazy market. People are moving slowly, looking at the food shops one by one, making sure that they will not miss any good stuff. The owner of the donuts shop keeps promoting his donuts. “Try some fresh donuts, only one euro!” He keeps calling. People would stop at the shop, trying some sample donuts, and looking at the girl inside the shop who is making donuts, totally ignoring the promotion from the man.

The two girls I am with spend a lot time moving to the next shop called “sauce factory”. Different sauce samples of different flavours are displayed on a round table, where people can taste the sauce with free bread provided. Visitors are standing around the table, filling their mouths with sauced bread, discussing about the flavours with each other. “I think the curry one is very good,” an old lady says to her husband. “No, I actually prefer the garlic one” the old man replies. Very few people actually purchase the sauce. The owner of the shop, a woman with a crumpled apron, is frowning angrily, as she has no consumers but only “tasters” of her shop. She tries to persuade the old couple to buy some, “I would offer you extra discount and free cheese cake”, she said to them. Unluckily, she is rejected.

It takes people forever to get out from the food market to the decoration market. My friends surprisingly find that the decoration market has much less people! There is a small waffle shop that attracts their eyes. They go up to the reception and pick one bite of the sample, “it’s a delicious shop” they comment. The owner seems not very interested about them, until they ask him for a caramel waffle. “I thought you were like others, always try but never buy” the owner laughs. I follow them, but do not want to stay for long, because the cheese from the next shop is so smelly and strange. It feels like someone is super hungover and pukes on the road. However, when the waffle comes out, the scent of caramel covers all the bad smell from cheese. “Here you are, the waffle is for free, I’m glad that you buy my waffles.” The man smiles, giving back the money they paid, and handing the waffle to the girls. They have their eyes wide open, starting to say “thank you” over and over again.

I feel relieved that we found a place with nice food and less people; but this relief does not last long. More and more people are walking towards the decoration market for entering the palace garden, as the opening hour is about to start. The narrow walking path is suddenly full of people. We turn around, deciding to go back to the food market for a while. Walking against the crowd is far more different. Children are crying out for a not-for-like donut, people are yelling at each other for not moving faster, couples are trying to check if the garden is about to open, and a tall guy is waving his hands to lead his team ... People are sweating under the sun, and they are annoyed for this crowded situation, yet they never stop grabbing the sample food from different food shops; and sales people never stop trying to get more people to buy their products. Very few of them succeed.

When the crowds are gradually gone, the food market goes back to peace and silence. "What a victory" one of my friends says. A space for stretching after this "walking exercise" is quite needed; also getting an ice cream sounds like a perfect idea. While looking around the shops, food samples are almost finished, but the selling products almost remain unchanged.

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