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Elections in Hungary not held on equal terms, according to Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe

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The observers defined the elections of Hungary as "intimidating, xenophobic with media bias and opaque financing" a day after ultraconservative and nationalist Viktor Orbán and his party achieved a great victory at the polls

The “xenophobic” tone and the system that has surrounded the campaign of the Hungarian elections, as “El País” newspaper informed, has been regretted by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), which had sent a group of observers to the Hungarian referendum. The Government spending on advertising amplified the effect and message of the party in power using public media, especially television. It has prevented the rest of competitors from playing on equal terms favoured the formation of Viktor Orbán.

According to the head of the mission, Douglas Wake, at a press conference in Budapest, fundamental rights “have been respected” in a general line, but they have been carried out in an “adverse climate". “The elections have been in an intimidating and xenophobic environment with media bias and opaque financing“, Wake continued. "Placing many billboards with messages that are almost exactly the same as those of the ruling party, when they are being funded by the taxpayer, has worried us," he added.

The preliminary analysis of the OSCE seriously criticizes the use of public funds in an advertisement that has amplified the message of the party in the Government. Just a couple of weeks before the election, the Executive deployed hundreds of controversial posters in line with Orbán's argument, according to preliminary analysis of the OSCE.

The huge posters, distributed throughout the country, show a long line of men who seem to be refugees with the word Stop. Hundreds of people have seen how publicity grew up in the last weeks of the political campaign. “In the bus stop, in the metro station, on television, Orban’s publicity was everywhere” says an Erasmus, Alicia Herreros, student living in Budapest since September. “He is always talking about how all the immigrants are going to come from Africa to Hungary if he did not win. It was not only the famous posters with Stop sign, it was also videos with clear xenophobic dyes”, says the student.

The results are a failure for the opposition and have generated a cascade of resignations. The opposition, disunited and fragmented, was not able to make a common front against the coalition “Fidesz” which will take Hungary by xenophobic populism and Euroscepticism road.


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