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Ernesto Sin: I did not choose the Czech Republic. They chose me!

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He is 25 years old, comes from Mexico, attended an art school in New Jersey for three years and as he admits right at the beginning of our little meeting, he wanted to travel to Argentina at first… It is a real pleasure for me to introduce you Ernesto Sin, a young man who draws superhero comics and ended up in our country for two months by an accident, in fact. 

His intentions were simple: „I was looking for projects that could inspire others, or projects where I could influence people for good. Or help communities. But Argentina, for some reason, couldn’t click the ‚accept‘ button because their website had a bug or something. At the same time, the people from Edison (a project that focuses on intercultural education in secondary schools) in the Czech Republic accepted me, so I was like: ‚Alright, let’s go there!‘ and I was very excited.“ Ernesto describes his need to be internationally helpful through the worldwide-known non-profit organisation called AIESEC.

It is run by students for students and provides such things as ‚cross-cultural global intership‘, ‚exchanging volunteer experiences‘ or ‚empowering young people so they can make a positive impact on society‘. Long story short, it did not take much time and he was ready to spend more than six weeks in the heart of Europe and discover its beauty on his own.

Unfortunately, his visit is coming to an end at this very moment and due to this fact, I could easily ask what he liked the most and whether he intends to come back someday or not. He was through all the south Bohemian region and he also had the opportunity to see Brno and Prague, but as a tourist only. „I loved south Bohemia! Every little town had such a nice vibe and charm. Český Krumlov is gorgeous and I really like České Budějovice! To me, it is a small city, but it has everything, it is cheap and you can go anywhere in such a little time. I would love to live there.“ he explains enthusiastically.

On the other hand, he admits noticing a few things that bothered him a bit. He mentions that the older generations are still very close minded, afraid of tourists and can get angry about anything very easily. Ernesto also remarks the occurence of racist behavior against foreigners. In spite of this, as he adds a moment later, young people are the exact opposite – they are very open to the world. Following this statement, he commends our educational system. The fact that it is without any charges speaks about the situation in our country. „Which seems good in that side,“ he supposes and appreciates the diversity of our schools and their specializations.

As he keeps his monologue of compliments going, one thing surprises me a lot. He seems to be actually thrilled of the public transportation. „I loved the tram! And the fact that you have to stop to let pedestrians cross the street… Never in my country!“ he proclaims and shakes his head in amazement.

Because of all the new things he has experienced, Ernesto says: „My country is so different from your country, not only the buildings and structure but the people, the culture, the education! I think I learned more about the world and myself than I taught the people in the Czech Republic. This has been one of the most insightful experiences I have ever had! I would love to go back, keep learning and I would love to speak your language!“

When I asked for some kind words in conclusion, his answer was more like a fantasy story about a magical act of destiny: „I did not choose the Czech Republic. They chose me. But I was very, very glad they did! I never thought I was going to have such a great time. You people are the best! I hope to see you again soon, I am going back. Mark my words!“ And so I did, indeed.


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