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Every 23rd student of Masaryk University studies abroad

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Germany has been the most favourite country where to go. Most students that have come to Brno are from Spain. 

Students and academic workers studied abroad in 2014 mainly by participating in the Erasmus+ program. The number of incoming students in 2013 was 903. It was 527 students in the Erasmus+ program and the rest (376 students) in other programs. In 2014 there was one thousand incoming students. There were 544 students in the Erasmus+ and 456 in other programs.

The number of outgoing Czech students was higher in 2013 and 2014. The total number of outgoing students in 2013 was 2017. While instead 1659 students were in the Erasmus+ program and the rest (358 students) in other programs. This number decreased in 2014. There were only 1709 outgoing students. 1333 students were in the Erasmus program and 376 students were in other programs.

The Czech Republic is very popular with students from Spain, Poland, France, Australia and the USA. In 2014 there were 99 incoming students from Spain, 78 students from Poland, 54 students from France, 49 student from Australia and 48 students from the USA.  On the contrary, only one student per year went to exotic countries like Argentina, Montenegro, Tunisia or Colombia. The Republic of Ireland was also on the list of the least favourite countries.

Top 5 countries from which students come to us

1.) Spain

2.) Poland
3.) France
4.) Australia
5.) USA

In 2014, the Czech students mainly went to Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the Great Britain. 188 students went to Germany, 176 students to France, 114 students to Spain, 90 students to Italy and also 90 students to the Great Britain.

Top 5 countries where Czech students go         
1.) Germany
2.) France
3.) Spain
4.) Italy
5.) Great Britain


It is interesting that only France and Spain were in both top 5 countries. But students chose a lot of different countries. Outgoing students completely visited 63 countries all around the world. Every student had a different reason why he/she chose this country. Aneta Chroustová is in Malta right now and she chose it because there you don’t have to own any language certificate, the weather is nice and the official language is English. Jiří Kovář is on the other side of the world is. He is in China and he decided for this country because he liked foreign languages and he wanted to visit some fast-growing country.

“China changed me. I believe in myself, I am more independent now. I have lost my fear from the unknown. I also understood the importance of family.” said Kováč. Anete Chroustová adds: “The best thing about it was when my parents wrote to me that they are proud of me that I left and I am handling this. One of my friend here said it right ‘Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone to have experienced something special’.”  

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