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“Everyone needs a bit of spontaneity in their life,” says a 21 year-old traveller

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Kateřina Burianová, as well as many other people, loves travelling. What is interesting is the way of how she travels. Next time you drive on the road and see someone hitchhiking, it might be her. On her low coast vacation, she has to deal with unpleasant situations but also travelling gives her an unmistakable sense of freedom.

Kateřina with her boyfriend Filip on the Canary Islands

Kateřina is 21-year-old student who grew up in Frenštát pod Radhoštěm. Now she lives with her boyfriend in Brno, where she studies psychology. She spends a lot of time doing psychological projects, but she also spends a lot of time travelling. 

She wanted to travel all her life, but before summer 2016 she travelled as a basic tourist, only to see typical sights, she was part of the mainstream. The breakthrough event for her was a summer job in England. She spent 3 months abroad for the first time in her life. “I was working in Paignton with my friend. It was an incredible experience for me,” she said. In England, she felt a sense of freedom, and she liked it. Kateřina also realized that that summer moved her mentality forward.

When the next summer had come, she went back to England and worked on a strawberry farm. Even though she earned enough money, she wanted to save it for life in Brno. She began looking for the cheap way of travelling. She saw eye to eye with her boyfriend, who was also impressed in that idea. They packed their things and decided to hitch-hike to Spain. “Kateřina is brave and she likes adventure, so I wasn´t surprised by her idea of the low-cost tour,” says Filip, who has been dating Kateřina for 5 years.

“I don´t wear a rose-colored glasses,” said Kateřina to admit that travelling is not always about pleasure experiences. For example, thieves in Spain stole her bag, so she lost everything needed – a mobile phone, ID card, passport, wallet and other personal belongings. She also added that her biggest enemy is the weather. Because when it rains, her sleeping bag and tent gets wet, also hitching or walking in the rain is not comfortable.

Kateřina recently becomes more interested in environment and self-knowledge. She is trying to protect nature when travelling. „I have got my own bag for shopping, also one bottle. If it´s possible I drink tap water, so I don´t have to buy another plastic bottle. Of course, I keep my camping place clean,” said the blonde-haired girl. Now she´s even part of Trash heroes Brno, a non-profit organization, which is trying to keep our nature clean. “I met one guy in Copenhagen, who offered me that I could collect plastic trash from the coast, so I had an unforgettable opportunity to ride along the coast of Copenhagen on a kayak,” she said. She enjoyed the best of both worlds.

Kateřina is excited when she´s talking about her future. She would like to continue exploring Europe for a couple of years. Her travel destination lies in the north because she loves wild nature. “I would like to see the polar glow, so I think my next destination would be north of Norway or Iceland,” she said. In the future, she would like to visit South America, but most likely India and Indonesia. “I am attracted by eastern states. I guess that I got this desire after my mum”, she said with a smile on her face. But she still doesn´t feel ready. "I'm still not prepared to see their way of living, I mean the poverty. I would feel helpless, and I know I would want to help these people, but it's not in my power," she said.

Although she admits that low-cost travelling helps her to be more psychologically resistant. “I met a lot of interesting and mainly different persons on my tours. It taught me to understand different human temperament,” she said.

Kateřina´s motto is “Send it further.” “I believe that if someone gives you love, hope or even reason to smile, you should give it to another person. Wow, now I sound like a hippie," she said and laughed.

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