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Everyone talked to me, but I understood no one, says student Yarina Apusheva

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Yarina Apusheva is a high school student from Brno. This lively young woman came to the Czech Republic from Ukraine nine years ago. “I would go back if I knew there is something wonderful waiting for me. But sadly there isn’t,” she says. 

I have come to a small coffee shop in a city center of Brno where a young girl is making a cappuccino. Her modern rock style and sparkling green eyes kinda do not fit the sweet pink atmosphere in the café.  The place is not crowded at all so we have a chance to talk. She brings me a coffee, sits on a chair across the table and smiles a bit. The high school student explains to me that working in the café is her part-time job. Yarina Apusheva came to Brno from the historical city called Černivci when she was nine years old.

Yarina moved to Brno with her parents and brother. Before that her father lived and worked in the Czech Republic alone and came to Ukraine once in a while. That is why she spent most of her childhood with her mother and grandparents. Moving to not even another city, but another country was the changing point of her life. “I didnt think about it when we were moving here. I remember that my mum came and said that we will move to Brno and I was like great – when,” says the student, laughing.

Three months before they moved to Brno, Yarina attended lessons of Czech language in Ukraine with her brother. After that, she immediately joined the Czech school in Brno. “I remember that I totally didnt catch what were people saying to me. Everyone talked to me, but I understood no one. I felt a bit lonely that time,” explains Yarina with a cup of coffee in her hand. “In Czech, I was only able to say Hi, I am Yarina. ” She speaks fluently these days and without any accent. “ I think it is because I was really young when I came here. Kids are more open to learning languages than adults. For example, my mum still can’t decline properly,”says Yarina. 

Her English is also on a high level, despite the fact that she started studying English quite late, when she came to Brno. Yarina admits that she is good at languages because she is trying to practice them as much as possible. That you can see she is full of energy and determination. Apart from English and Czech she also speaks Russian and a bit of German.

“I didn’t miss home when I came here, but I miss it now,” admits Yarina. You can see a shadow of sadness in her beautiful green eyes when she talks about Ukraine.

Despite that moment, she is a very jolly person. Ukraine is a home for her. Yarina says she feels very sorry for what is going on in Ukraine and that, it is really hard to live somewhere else when war is raging in your home country.“When the conflict in Ukraine started, I was reading every article in newspapers and watching the news every day,” she says.

Home for her isn’t only Ukraine but also the Czech Republic. She has a lot of friends, classmates, and coworkers here. In fact, she feels free to live anywhere. “ Maybe I will go back to Černivci one day and maybe I won’t. We will see,” wonders Yarina while she is playing with her brown hair. The young student has a lot of plans for the future. She wants to go to university, she wants to travel and experience as much as possible. After finishing her high school, she would like to go to Olomouc. Yarina wants to be a speech therapist in the future.

Customers are slowly coming for their favorite sweet treats and coffees. Yarina has to go back to work. She rolls her eyes. Till that point, I almost forgot she is just eighteen years old. She seems much older when she is speaking. Yarina has to get up and I am quickly asking the last question. What do you wish now? She answered me within seconds. “I want to finally get a driving license!”

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