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Fight for survival not only in a movie

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Foto ReutersI worked at the baggage control at the airport. It was a nice life. I spent lots of time with my family, we owned house and also two cars. Suddenly the soldiers came to my job. They wanted me to join the army. They would slit my throat if I said no. They threatened me. Plus there is the fact that military service is compulsory in Syria. If they had not killed me, they would have locked me up, which is maybe much more worse.“

Although for European ears it sounds like a fabricated story, this is the reality of the Middle East. Mohammad Abra is one of more than one million refugees who came to Europe during the refugee crisis. The military conflict between dictatorial regime of Bashar al-Assad, national insurgents and the terrorist organizations ISIS destroyed his hometown Damascus and changed his life forever. “I could not shoot people, it was terrible. I was always heading up into the air” he remembers.

We are going through a narrow alley in Vienna and heading ahead to the refugee's camp close to the main station where he stays. We are going slowly because Mohammad is wearing small shoes. He got them from the humanitarian workers, who here taking care about arriving refugees but his size was not available in those days. He did not try to change them. “I am happy that I have at least some pair of shoes. Because the previous did not survive the journey across the sea,” explains.

The biggest problem is, how complexy the European migrant crisis is. It affects all areas of Europeans´s life. This is the reason why governments fail to agree on a solution and are not able to react effectively on the arrival of migrants. In Vienna react volunteers at least. They built up for refugees the center of humanitarian help at the main train station. Their activities help the locals to manage this situation. Many Austrians bring to that place food, drink, clothes but also other things what people need. They also have for them completely equipped hospital.

We stopped in front of the hairdresser's window. “I will probably never need the hairdresser again,” Mohammad is laughing and pointing to his five hairs on his head. “I have had hair before I joined the army, really. But there was so much stress and you had to wear the helmet during all days so I lost it.” Hair is not the only thing what he lost. It is a lot time ago a bomb fell on his house and destroyed all his property. His wife and two daughters are staying now at his friend´s place and waiting for him to get the asylum. However Europe should be united, there are many different rules in the area of asylum policy between individual states. Mohammad in Austria is facing a six-month waiting period in order to get the visa. His family can legally arrive to Austria after another four months if the reasons for his asylum still insist.

This story is like from a television. I would not believe if I saw Mohammad face to face. At his mobile phone he showed me pictures of his family and also from his military service in Syria. Everything what I saw at the pictures was bulldozed to the ground. There are not only the problems how to solve the European migrant crisis. Resolve the situation in Syria is also difficult. Whereas Russian bombers support the Assad regime and destroy everything on the ground including also the civilians, The West and America do not have a clear ally. They stand against all the major forces which fight on the territory of Syria.

There are not only people from Syria who are coming to Europe. I met many Afghans and Moroccans, who could stay in their country. They do not need help but they are here to make their life better. There have been many conflicts so far between them and us,” explains his relationship to other nationalities and uncovers this big problem. How to draw the line between those, who need help and those, who abuse it? It is not only Syrians, who are in danger of life. There are many terrorist groups in other countries, for example, the Taliban in Afghanistan. Moreover, people are dying not only because of the war, they are dying also for the economic reasons. We must be fair.

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