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First of May shows how the revolution dies

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Park at the Moravian Square looks emptier than as usual. And also much older – as far as its visitors are concerned. One short look into the calendar and all surrounding sickles and hammers are explanations by itself. It´s the first of May – Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia is celebrating International Labour Day.

Red colour and cherries. Everywhere. Even though the cherry trees barely bloomed, this fruit symbolic for the party can be seen on every poster and on every comrade´s undercoat. The event is initiated by bulk sing of The Internationale. An old bald gentleman next to me seems to know every word of the song and raises fist above his head. Many people follow his example and many eyes become wet. Even though most of people are barely standing, they somehow managed to create an impressive atmosphere. I can almost feel the great spirit of revolution which feels all sins, selfishness and exploitation inside me.

After a few speeches, atmosphere becomes much more relaxing. The band Brněnské kredenc starts playing. Nobody seems to care that the most of songs are American. Meanwhile, during the sounds of Have You Ever Seen the Rain politicians talk with the people about the final defeat of capitalism that is coming soon for sure. „We apprechiate every single person who came and I am sure they like the entertainment we prepared for them. But I will not consider the celebration of Day of Work successful until we fill the whole Moravian square,“ said Tomáš Vokoun, one of the organisers. Good luck with that. Even the organisers don´t think that more than 200 people attended this year, and the number is lower each year.

I got the proof that the belief in communism remained solid in this place because I almost became a victim of seizing private property. Listening to capella, I didn´t pay much attention to my surrounding – until I suddenly felt something was pulling my sleeve. Looking down I see young circa 1-meter-tall fella looking at me. „Sir, could you please give me 20 crowns for sweet monkey,“ asked small collectivist. No way. I have literally no idea what the sweet monkey is, but nobody is gonna pull my sleeve for it. The kid run away, looking for another victim for its confiscating plan.

International Day of Work

After disappointing future generation, my attention came back to the older one. Suddenly the band stopped playing - drums broke down. Silence gave people chance to hear each othe again and talk. Man with the shirt with the big sign "DEATH TO CAPITALISM" seemed to have pretty enthusiastic discussion there. He talked fast and really passionate, so the only things I heard properly were "executors“ and couple of vulgarisms. People around him were nodding wisely with with indignation but also understanding. They all have probably been there. Or they still are.

Apart from the high age, one thing about participants of the event fascinates me the most. There are about 30 men in suits. And not a single suit fits well – not even closely! They all seem to be created for twice as big man. Even politicians look like they got dressed by Salvation army.

international Day of Work

Probably the creepiest part of the event is the stand of Communist Youth Union – organisation of young stalinist extremists. Compared to them even Communist Party looks pretty peaceful and innocent. They all look like hippies – long hair, beards and earings. Exactly the type that would be send to gulag in Soviet Russia first. Funny. Sounds radical? Maybe. But compared to the last year´s first May celebration was this one actually very peaceful. In 2017 Right-wing radicals from Worker´s Party of Social Justice and leftist radicals from Antifa were fighting on the streets and some blood was spilled on both sides. Luckily all the blood remained in veins this time – there was more than enough of red anyway.

International day of work

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