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From Malaysia to Brno to become a dentist

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Brian Lee a is twenty-one-year-old student from Kuala Lumpur, which is the capital city of Malaysia. At first sight he looks like he is shy and silent, but when he starts to speak, you realize that he is talkative and sociable.

Brian LeeBrian is a student of dentistry at Masaryk University. He has been studiyng dentistry for one and a half year right now. Unlike many other foreign students in Brno, he isn’t here through Erasmus. Brian belongs to the minority of foreign students who are studying entire undergraduate programme in the Czech Republic. He started to think about studying in the Czech Republic when he was in an education fair. “I saw Masaryk University banner there and I started to plan to give it a try to study in the Czech Republic, because studying in Europe would be a new and different experience for me,” says Brian.

When Brian was 13 years old, he decided that he wanted to be a dentist. Nothing has changed after 8 years. He still wants to become a dentist and now he is much closer. “I am doing my best to make my dream come true and I am really glad that I have a full support from my parents,” says he.

It took Brian few weeks to start to orientate in Brno and also to get used to the totally different culture and weather. “I think weather in the Czech Republic is nice. I really like spring. There is a big difference between the weather in the Czech Republic and the one in Malaysia because Malaysia is a tropical country,” says Brian.

Brian was really impressed by Brno. When he arrived, the first thing he liked was the architecture. One of the reasons why he likes this city is that Brno isn’t so busy and overcrowded. “There are cars everywhere in Kuala Lumpur. The centre of Kuala Lumpur is very busy and noisy,” says he. His favourite place in Brno is Square of Liberty. Another thing that impressed Brian, not only in Brno, but in whole Czech Republic is the difference between Czech and Malaysian culture. “People in Malaysia are more conservative. Czech people are more liberal and open minded and that is why I like it,” Brian says. From his point of view Czechs have one very strange tradition. It is called Easter. “I was really surprised to see boys beating girls with twigs,” laughs Brian. Brian is admitting that studying in Brno has changed him a lot. Now he is more independent and less shy.

As a typical student, Brian has a lot of hobbies. He likes to play badminton. His other hobby is reading, especially reading story books. He also likes TV series. “My favourite TV series are Suits and Game of Thrones. It is good to check few episodes before exam, because then you are more relaxed,” says he. Brian has also other ways to relax. Sometimes he plays some PC games. Especially first person shooter games like a Counter Strike. He is also a football fan. His favourite club is Manchester United.

What is Brian planning to the future? He wants to finish studies in the Czech Republic and then find a job. “I am still not decided whether to stay in Czech Republic or to come back to Malaysia. It depends on where it will be better to look for a job,” says Brian. He also wants to visit some other countries in Europe. “I would like to visit England and Austria. I have already been in Prague and the city is quite nice so I hope that the other cities which I am planning to visit would be nice too,” says he. The nearest Brian’s future is very clear. He will visit his parents and friends in Malaysia.

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