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God in form of grass and good music

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When we were looking for a market where we could buy some kind of memory that reminded us of Berlin, we were not expecting to see this “jewel”. We entered a park full of people passing by under the warm sunbeams, with couples, families and friends going from one stand to another looking for old jeans of the 80’s, the most fashionable sunglasses or even the perfect cup for breakfast.

It is called Mauer Park. “Mauer” means “wall” because the Berlin Wall was crossing  it in the past. The park is located on the border between the district of Prenzlauer Berg and Gesundbrunnen, the “Old West Berlin”. You can find everything in here if you know where to look at. In our case we are lost, lost in an atmosphere mixed by young people from different countries and nationalities in diverse clothing, all together in the same place. Rather than prices, varieties of objects, clothes or jewellery, the best thing is the vibrations of the place. You can be the real you, dressing as you wanted because everything is respected.

My friend finally buys a pair of Levi’s jeans at a second-hand job stand after one hour of searching for it. We are sweating and the dust, rising due to the sand floor, makes it difficult to breathe. “Cover the baby with the jacket because the sand would get in to his eyes” a woman telling her husband.“I need to rest for a while”, saying one of my friends picking up her long hair in a ponytail as a sign of the heat. “Yes, please” reacting my other friend fanning herself with a paper.

We are trying to find some place where we can sit down almost twenty minutes ago. It is impossible. The two pubs in here are absolutely overcrowded. When we are thinking of a surrender and going back home, we are discovering, just next to the market, a park full of people, in little groups, listening to music, drinking beers and enjoying their free time. God has visited us in form of grass and good music. You can recognize the different nationalities by the music they are listening to. This is the perfect place to take a walk around the trail, play petanque, to throw a football or basketball game, juggle or play music.

We are going back to the market to look for some place where we can buy a cold and refreshing beer. After doing so we are sitting near a musician playing songs with his Spanish guitar. Most of the songs he is playing are pop-music songs in English. Not a bad effort but we need something more Spanish. Unexpectedly my friend is getting up, she is crossing the four meters that separated us from the musician dodging people and she is asking him for a Spanish song. “But you have to show me the lyrics”, saying the blond boy covering his head with a hat. No sooner said than done. He is starting to sing “La camisa negra” by Juanes with my friend next to him holding her phone with the lyrics. My  other friend and I, who are looking the scene without believing it, start singing too. It is something closer to screaming rather than singing. We are exulting, laughing all the time and people around us are having fun too.

The night is falling on top of the day but the park is not empty yet. People do not want to go home. The weather is spectacular so our improvised party going on almost until midnight. Now that we are about to leave the place we do not feel tired even eight hours after. We have come to the conclusion that good vibes fill your body with energy and happiness. Berlin, its people and more precisely the Mauer Park have the power of doing it.

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