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Greek student: “Life is short. You’d better live it to the full.”

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I find myself sitting inside a cosy café with a law student from Greece. His name is Anastasios Trontzos, but he calls himself Tarsus. “It’s short, easy to remember and an internationally friendly nickname,” he explains. Tarsus travelled to Brno as a part of the Erasmus+ program one month ago and he’s really looking forward to the five months ahead of him. 

While his childhood friends dreamed about becoming astronauts or policemen, Tarsus fell in love with the law. He reveals he’d always wanted to be a lawyer. Now, years later, he is this close to achieving it, having completed two years out of the total four on university in Cyprus. After school, 2 another years of practice are needed to get an actual job. The way to law is a bit shorter on Cyprus (in comparison to the Czech system), but it definitely isn’t that easy. “The system in Masaryk University is quite different to the one I’m used to from Cyprus. Here in Brno, the classes are really interactive, carried on in a friendly way. Also a lot of young people are here in assistant positions. In Cyprus, the teaching is conservative and the exams are way stricter,” explains Tarsus. Although he really likes the “modern” MUNI style, he prefers the conservative one.

There are also other things Tarsus likes about MUNI. For example, the way the Faculty of Law is structured – it’s all around the city. Although he admits it was confusing at first, with time he started to like it: “I get to explore the city, meet new people and visit new places.” He’s also able to learn more about its history; in fact, he already knows more than I do – and shares his knowledge with enthusiasm. “It’s crazy!” is the end of Tarsus’ story.

“Crazy” is also one of the words he uses to describe Brno – but he means it in a good way, because Brno is full of entertainment and opportunities while staying a friendly city, not some monstrous giant metropolis. According to Tarsus, people in Brno are mostly nice and friendly, plus everyday he meets at least one person from Greece and many “international students” as well.

He also enjoys the architecture, the way streets here are built (spacious and nice) and particularly our churches: “They are unlike churches in Greece. When you enter a church in Brno, you really feel like you are in the house of God. They’re big, majestic, with clocks and towers…” Tarsus has already been up to Petrov several times; the cathedral is one of his favourite places.

And why did he choose the Czech Republic? The real reason is one of Tarsus’ hobbies – travelling. When he’s been told one of his options was “the heart of Europe”, he knew he’ll go here. The only thing he wasn’t really sure about was whether it was going to be Prague or Brno. He chose Brno and he has no regrets. After visiting a few street festivals on Freedom square and even a wine fest in Břeclav, Tarsus feels almost at home here. “The Moravian culture is similar to ours. It’s great,” he confides.

He has visited many places, including China. He has even been to the German festival Octoberfest, which he describes as “the experience of the lifetime”. Tarsus’s trying to take all the opportunities and enjoy his life as much as he can. And he would love to pass that advice on.

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