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Hostility towards Muslims doesn't discourage me, says a student from Uzbekistan

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A student of Russian language and literature at Masaryk University has made Brno his second home.

His name is Inamjan Ibragimov and he is from Uzbekistan. He came to the Czech Republic to study Russian language and literature at Masaryk University in Brno. Even though it can be dangerous these days. ah

Last year, the 1st of May, he was waiting for a tram at the Hlavní nádraží station. At that time a demonstration of nationalists was taking place nearby. „One of the skinheads poked me with the wedge of his flag only because I didn't have a European face. This was one of the saddest experiences in my life.“, confessed he.

Although that was surely a frightening experience, it could be a way worse. The fear of terrorism is growing and terrorism in Europe is often associated with Islam lately. „Yes, I’m Muslim.“ admits he. „But today’s so called Islamic terrorists and those refugees who rape girls in Germany and other European countries have nothing to do with the true Islam, with God. Nothing is sacred to them.“

He also believes that all the religions speak about the same God. „It’s like an English plate and Czech talířand Russian тарелка. It’s one thing, but the languages that describe it are different.“

Beyond religion, many people still disagree with foreigners coming to our country. As their arguments they mostly mention the foreigners‘ reluctance to adapt. But Injamjan shows us the emptiness of their speeches. Actually, he chose Brno because the lessons of Czech language are cheaper here than in Prague, even though he’s happy that he’s here for many more reasons. „I like here the kind and courteous people, clean streets, good transport connections, beautiful nature and historical places, and of course low prices, which is very important for a student, especially a foreign student who has a lot of expenses while living far from his home. “

Not everyone judges a book by its cover and he is determined that a few unpleasant people won’t ruin his time here. “Yes, sure I found a lot of new friends here. I like spending time with them, and I learn a lot from them. For me the real Czech people are those like my friends, not those skinheads.”

One of his best experiences here in the Czech Republic was visiting one small village café near the town of Kuřim. “The owner of this café was an ex-colleague of my friend. That day her (the café owner‘s) two little granddaughters had a small concert there.“ After that his friends introduced Inamjan to her and revealed that he’s from Uzbekistan.“ The café owner asked her grandchildren to sing a Russian song for the guest from Uzbekistan. They sang a famous Russian song called Katyusha  without any accent! It was very pleasant for me.“

Life in the Czech Republic/Brno has given him a lot of experience. „Living abroad always makes a big influence to everyone. You get to know different cultures, meet many interesting people, learn new things, face many problems and solve them, which makes you stronger, smarter and more experienced.” But he misses his family and friends from Uzbekistan. However he fights with it bravely. „A man is not a tree, and he can travel anywhere on this planet and live anywhere he wishes if he observes the laws and does humane gestures.“, closes Injaman the discussion having pleasant smile and brave sparkle in his eyes. 

Kristýna Klazarová, Inamjan Ibragimov

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