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‘I am not an eco-terrorists, I just want to make cruelty-free cupcakes’ says a vegan

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Even from outside and afar one can hear the rush from the industrial looking building that used to be a part of railway station. Once I step in, the place reminds of paradise – it’s packed with food. All kinds of colours and smells, both sweet and savoury. All delicious-looking. The scenery is completed by people leaning over the counters of the stalls, smelling, tasting and discussing. All of them are here for a reason, even though it may differ from one to another. For some it’s curiosity and for some the freedom in finally eating whatever they lay their eyes on – because everything here is vegan.

The Vegan Fest in Little America in Brno is an interesting market to visit, not only because of the food, but also because of wine or cosmetics. It opens a new door for a carnivore, the whole concept of living on plant-based diet. 'It's difficult to explain to someone who doesn't know anything about veganism and doesn't care about the environment or the industry. Poeple take us for crazy and call us eco-terrorists, just because we want to be healthy and don't want to support damaging our bodies or the planet,' says one of the ladies selling cupcakes at the market. She has been vegan, obviously, for four years now. 'The decision to go vegan itself was simple, but the beginnings were hars. I missed chocolate a lot,' she laughs.

Once it’s clear that vegans don’t only consume tons of raw fruits, vegetables and occasionally seeds, but have rich and tasty opportunities to supplement meat and dairy products, one can go deeper in exploring this lifestyle, which is experiencing a huge boom in recent years. Evidence of people choosing not to eat meat can be found in ancient times, but The Vegan Society, and also the word vegan, was founded in 1944. The diet is not the only part of the vegan philosophy, supporters like to say their lives are also cruelty-free, since they refuse any kind of animal exploitation or environmental abuse. That often involves different choices than a ‘normal’ person would make – in choosing clothes, cosmetics, means of transport, even people they surround themselves sometimes.

Veganism has become the target of many vivid discussions, live or those on the internet. Conservative foodies whose loveliest morning is the one started with scrambled eggs with bacon often accuse vegans of rebelling against thousands of years old evidence people eating meat, the course of nature and food web. They fight back with arguments about pollution and exploitation. Everybody has their own truth. But at least no one wanted to discuss it over those yummy cakes in Little America.

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