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I believe that nowadays it is very easy to find a job abroad, says Vojtěch Chadima

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Many students cannot get work or are afraid of living in another country. That is not a problem for Vojtěch Chadima who studies at Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Information Technologies in the fifth term. He is 21 years old and when you look at him, you would not guess that he spent last three summers in England because of a part-time job. “When I was 19, I just applied online on a website and they responded, pretty simple in the end,” describes Vojtěch.

One of the reasons why people travel abroad is that they want to improve their language skills and so did Vojtěch. “English is my favourite language and I always wanted to visit the United Kingdom for longer than a week or so,” he says. After being satisfied he decided to stay in the same place for the two following seasons. “The first year it was definitely the chance to enhance English, the years after the main motives were relaxing, the beautiful workplace full of friends and of course money,” explains Vojtěch who has worked in a hotel in the Isles of Scilly.

Leaving home to make a long-term stay abroad can be stressful. It takes a lot of courage. “I was not scared but I must admit that I was a bit nervous because I had no idea what to expect. It all worked out to be absolutely fine after less than a week,” says Vojtěch calmly with a smile on his face. Although his official job title was “General Assistant” he worked as a kitchen porter in the beginning. The first month of his stay was filled with many unpleasant situations mainly caused by misunderstanding. “My English was great compared to my high school’s standards, but not for communication with colleagues and guests. There was a huge number of processes and habits which were required to be satisfied because of the business’ nature, which took some time to be learnt.”

The other two years he was employed as a waiter and a bartender in the same hotel and he felt more comfortable there because he knew the people, the place and his duties. “This and last year were different from the first stay and I must say that I enjoyed them more. I got to know people who I have played tennis with, when I had not to work and I have gone surfing sometimes,” the young man says. Tennis is his favourite sport and that confirms the fact that I interviewed him in the tennis tournament because it is a superhuman task to meet him out of school or sporting event. So, he has sportswear during the conversation and is ready for the next match.

When people go to another country, they have big expectations and sometimes they are maybe disappointed soon and want to come back home. Vojtěch missed family initially but he persisted and does not regret. “I was happy to be there even though the first few weeks were hard because of the exhausting job where I spent all days. But it was all nothing compared to the natural beauty and the friendliness of my colleagues,” adds Vojtěch and he is laughing by the next question. Every state has different culture and it relates to the behaviour of the citizens. “I believe that people are basically the same all over the world, but the main difference between Czech and English people was definitely the politeness,” thinks the student who has earned money in Prague too, so he can compare people a little bit in both countries.

Vojtěch has not decided yet if he visits the Isles of Scilly next year but he does not exclude it. “I have really no idea. But there is still some time left to think it through,” he says. He is very polite and friendly, but it looks that he fidgets already a little bit because of tennis. Nevertheless, he still answers fluently and with interest. “I cannot imagine living abroad for the rest of my life, but that is a great idea for a year or a few,” he continues.  

At the end of the interview, he speaks about the summary of his “missions” to England. “I can definitely recommend the stay abroad. In my opinion, it is very easy to find a job nowadays when you really want to.” Many students travel abroad through Erasmus, someone who is similar to Vojtěch takes a journey alone. “I am sure both ways are worth it and have its pros and cons, but I cannot perfectly say because I have not experienced going with Erasmus yet. When you go alone, you choose a plan yourself, on the other hand, you can obtain a scholarship. But mainly do not worry and catch the chance to go abroad!,” finishes Vojtěch and now he is going to win the tennis tournament.


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