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“I came to Brno to make my dreams come true” says a student from Basque

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Xabier Mendienta, only an 18-year-old student from Bilbao, already knows what he wants to do in his life. For achieving his goal, he chose Czech Republic. 

I met Xavier in his room in our dormitory. He welcomed me a with warm smile: „ Wait, I’ll make a place for you.” He gave me a chair.  He seemed to be little bit nervous but he was smiling and answering my questions very honestly, though.

Xavier is student of medicine. He did not come here for Erasmus, he came to Czech to achieve his dream - study as regular student and become a doctor. “I choose Czech because of many reasons, the first one was that I was not accepted to the university in my city, so I was looking for good universities and here I am. “But It was not only that one reason. Studying medicine in Spain is followed by big insecurity, people have to study for a long time and when they finish there is no guarantee they get a job: “Problems with unemployment in Spain are very big, that is the reason why I don’t want to come back there.”

Furthermore, university exams are very difficult in Spain. They are called The selectividad and students have to pass them in different branches - three mandatory subjects such as history, Spanish and European language. Other depends on the field students want to study:” I was very good in philosophy, actually the best in our group, but I had big problem with Spanish literature.” Said Xabier. He did not pass:” There is another insecurity, you can wait a year to try it one more time but there is a high possibility you won’t pass it again, and then what?”

On the contrary, he is very satisfied with the school here: “I have always wanted to be a doctor, it’s like my dreams are coming true. “Moreover, he already had had some subjects in English during his high school and that is why he does not see a big problem in studying in English. However, studying medicine is a long- running commitment, thus Xabier has not made a decision which branch he wants to do: “Maybe traumatology, I like bones. “He eventually admitted.

Next to the school, he admires living in Brno: “I like that everything is near, when I want to get to the city centre I only need to catch one tram” He had been very afraid before he came to Brno. The beginning was not very easy, he was alone and he had to set up many things. However, he made it and now he is ok. “The only thing I was surprised of is a different mentality.  We love to speak with random people. Here, it is impossible. “He said adding that in Prague it was a disaster.

I have been using the word Spanish all around my article but Xabier would probably argue with me:” I am from village near to the Bilbao, it lays in the autonomous community called Basque.” Citizens of this country have completely different language and politically they do not feel like Spanish.” But I like Barcelona, it is very beautiful city. People visit Barcelona more than Madrid.



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