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I came to study in Brno without fear of unknown, says student from France

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When I first met twenty-two years old Amaury Dreher, a personable guy with brown hair and slight stubble, he was holding a book of Alexander the Great in his hand. Even though he likes history, he just started to study energy security studies in Master´s degree in Faculty of Social Studies. He plans to live in Brno for two years.



After studying the bachelor´s degree of law in his hometown Strasbourg in France, Amaury wanted to experience student life abroad. So he moved to Finland and studied there for a year at University of Helsinki. It was there, where he discovered the love of studying abroad. “When I was studying in Finland, I realized I didn´t want to come back to France, because I was enjoying my stay there with many international students and I like having courses in English, so I decided to apply abroad again,” explains Amaury. He was applying to multiple countries such as Netherlands, Russia, Sweden or the Czech Republic, but finally he ended up here, in Brno. He got accepted   to  Russia, Brno and Prague. “All of my friends were like: ,Go to Moscow, go to Prague!´ But I said no, I´m going to Brno,” says Amaury with laugh.

According to Amaury´s words, everybody is crazy about going to Prague in France, but almost anybody doesn´t really know Brno. He decided to study for the reason of unmistakable atmosphere. “I found Prague more beautiful, but I like the local atmosphere with less tourists and I think people are more friendly here too, ” says well-travelled guy from France.

His new life here in Brno is not all about studying. He joined the team of Radio R in Faculty of social studies, because he found it interesting and something completely new for him. Firstly, he applied for an off air team taking care of the promotion of  the radio. Finally he ended up in the radio as a music redactor.. So he will probably be on the radio live, although he seems to be a bit nervous about it.

Amaury also recently got a job in an IT company, working as a clerical officer. He is very happy about it, because thanks to this job, he can afford to rent his own flat. He is very surprised, how easy is to get a student job here. “In France, you have to climb the mountain to find a job. It´s so complicated, you have to pass lots of interviews, whereas here I didn´t even have to attach my CV,” says with voice full of amazement.

That is probably the only thing that surprised him in the Czech Republic. Since he travels a lot, he is used to stay and live abroad, so he came here without fear or worries. To the question of which countries around the world he has been visiting, he just answered: “Oh, should I mention all of them?” and he was quiet for a moment. I could read from his face that we would be sitting there for a whole night, because he is a really passionate traveler.  So after all, he just named his favorite places, such as Nepal, Iran, Ireland, Vietnam or Saint Petersburg in Russia. The day after our interview, the young traveler was going for a trip to Bratislava and Vienna for a prolonged weekend.

After all, Amaury seems to be happy in Brno. He commends a good integration, open people but also dynamic and modern education. “When I was in Finland, I spent most of the time with other international students not with locals. It is different here in that way, which is great.”

The only things he struggles here, is the Czech food. “Actually I love foreign kitchen. I´m crazy about Lebanese food. I also really like Italian, Greek or Mediterranean food. I found Czech kitchen more similar to Romanian or polish one with lots of meat and I don´t like it.” He adds, he used to be a vegetarian, so he is just not a fan of this type of food. Although he didn´t like it, he still likes eating out in various type of restaurants in Brno, because compare to France or Finland, it´s cheap here. “In Finland, I had to cook all the time, now I´m enjoying eating out here, because I can afford it.”

Where we could find Amaury in few years? Probably somewhere in the world. He doesn´t know exactly where, but he already anticipates, he won´t return to France to work there. He wants to find a job abroad, maybe in Asia.


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