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I can't imagine my life in America without a car, says a Czech software developer from Silicon Valley

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Nowadays, Jaroslav Čecho goes to his work in a modern electric car Tesla. However, when he moved to Silicon Valley five years ago, he didn't have any car or even a driving licence. “It has been very difficult to live in a country which is designed for cars. A lot of buildings in America don't have any entrance from the street. You can only go inside a building from an underground car park. Even I as a pedestrian had to go to my office through the car park,” says Jaroslav about his beginnings in Silicon Valley.

Jaroslav moved to America thanks to his work on open source software. “When I studied at VUT in Brno, I had a full-time job in the Czech antivirus company AVG. I worked there with open source software called Hadoop. I liked this software so much that I improved its code during my leisure time,” says Jaroslav. He speaks about his field of interest very enthusiastic and it seems, that he could talk about it the whole day.

Despite the fact that Jaroslav was the youngest member of his team in AVG, he was respected by his colleagues.“I admire Jaroslav that he works on the same issues at work and at home. Programming is his hobby, that is why he is so good in his job,” says Jaroslav's former colleague.

Well-known American IT companies learned about Jaroslav thanks to his work on Hadoop. “I had a good offer from Facebook. But I chose a small company called Cloudera because I felt that there are more friendly people,” laughs Jaroslav. “I had known Cloudera team from a conference and I was sure that I wanted to work with these people.”

Jaroslav likes the unique atmosphere in Silicon Valley. “Because of hot weather everybody wears a T-shirt and shorts. Thanks to this unified outfit, there are no differences among people. You don't know, if you are speaking to a plumber or a director of a successful IT company. This is very positive because people behave more polite to everybody than I remember from the Czech Republic,” Jaroslav describes the differences between American and Czech people.

Jaroslav has found a lot of new friends in Silicon Valley. However, he was missing the most important person in his life there. His girlfriend Aneta wanted to finish her studies in Brno before moving to the USA. “Having a long distance relationship is exhausting but having a relationship in different time zones is almost impossible. The biggest problem of our three-year-long life on two different continents was the nine-hour shift between California and the Czech Republic. When I had daytime, Aneta had night and when she had daytime, I had night. It was impossible to meet on Skype and speak,” Jaroslav recalls the negative side of his life in America.

Aneta and Jaroslav married in the Czech Republic and Aneta moved to California two years ago. Both of them work in IT companies and they enjoy their life in Silicon Valley and its surroundings. “We like skiing,” laughs Jaroslav, “it isn't a good sport when you live in hot California. However, we regularly travel to Nevada where there is a perfect skiing center.” Thanks to the inteligent self-driving system Tesla is a great helper for Jaroslav on his long journeys across the country. “It is a six-hour-long journey. I know it sounds horrible. But thanks to my Tesla it is a very relaxing journey. I don't have to drive the car on highways. When we arrive to our accommodation in Nevada, I am not tired of driving. It is perfect to have an opportunity to travel through the country in this comfortable car. Now I can't imagine a life in America without a car.”

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