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I chose Brno because of cheap flights, says a Chinese student of management

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China, Finland, the Czech Republic, three countries connected by next to nothing. They have different economies, political situations and standards of living. But all of these countries are a home to Lingli Jing, a Chinese studying in Finland, currently doing her Erasmus in the Czech Republic. In Brno she study in Masaryk University.

Lingli Jing, an young elegant student, grew up in China, but her ambitious parents sent her to Helsinki International School when she was a teenager. 'They believe that Finland has the best education so I moved there when I was 13,' says now a Supply chain management student. She liked the country so much she decided to obtain her university diploma there too.

Now her wanderlust made her choose Erasmus as a way of travelling and getting to know a new culture. 'I also wanted to experience different studying atmosphere. Plus I haven't been to Central Europe before, so I chose the Czech Republic as my destination,' she says.

She has run into several problems though, most of them connected to the use of English outside the university. 'Among young people it's okay, but getting anything done at a post office or a supermarket is a challenge because of the staff that does not speak the language. But it's not like it's a huge problem,' she adds with hope. Despite of these problems, she loves the life here, she says that the people here are accommodating, kind and joyful. She loves partying with her friends from all around the world, and exploring the city sights. It is not a surprise that Lingli has lot of friends here. She is always smiling and has a friendly nature.

Although she is enjoying her Czech adventure, she still holds Finland close to her heart. 'From all the countries I have been to, Finland is still my favourite. I love saunas in the cold winters, I love barbecuing outside a cottage on summer nights with my friends. And the country is beautiful, for real,' she explains, smiling, the reasons why she does not consider returning to China. She lives in Europe for several years, but she still founds some differencies between Europe and China. 'Once I saw an ambulance coming to the main station to a homeless man who broke his leg. I can see the government taking care of him. I don't think that would be possible in my homeland.' After graduation, she plans either staying in Finland or trying to find a job in Portugal or Spain. This idea came from her parents too.

As for now, travelling is her main objective and conveniently located Czechia makes it easier. ‘Flying from Helsinki was expensive, but getting around here is so cheap. There are so many opportunities to fly to the whole world. Vienna airport is maybe 100 kilometres from Brno and it is one of the most frequent airports in Europe. Apart from Czechia I want to explore neighbouring countries, Germany, the Slovak Republic, possibly some others,’ she plans. 


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