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I have been only once to my mainland, says Spaniard Aroa

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We might say that Brno as a student city is full of foreign students. One of them is Aroa from Spain, future journalist. However, her home isn’t the Spanish mainland. She lives in the exotic Canaries.

Aroa is a 20-year-old Spanish student. But this information may be misleading, because she is from Canary Islands, specifically from the smallest island called El Hierro. The Canaries are an archipelago and autonomous community of Spain. This place has luxury average temperature 21 degrees. With her friends, they can go to the beach almost every day of the year. But life on this beautiful and exotic destination isn’t only attractive. “Not long ago our population was over 10 000. But crisis affected my island and thousands of citizens had to move to other island or mainland because of job. Furthermore, there was also a volcano eruption a few years ago,” says Aroa. She visited Spanish mainland only once as a child when was in Madrid and Andalusia.

The now adult student started visiting school at the age of three. She has been studying Journalism and Information in Tenerife, which is the biggest island of the Canaries, for three years. “I go thirty minutes by plane or two hours by ship to Tenerife. Travelling to school is not problem for me. I have family there. I don’t need to find accommodation, I stay in the house of my family.“

Travelling is typical of her, she has started at her fifteen. She has been to Paris, London, Munich, Wien or Lichtenstein yet. But it was her mum who suggested to go on Erasmus. Firstly Aroa was afraid. She had to leave her whole life: family (she has twin brothers), classmates and boyfriend. However, she realized that it would only last four months and she would come back in June. She chose Brno thanks to pieces of advice from students who have been here. They liked the people, quality of transport, price availability. They also appreciated that it’s in the middle of European continent so that they could travel easily.

She arrived to Brno at the beginning of February and didn’t have any problems thanks to her experiences from other countries. She managed to visit capital of the Czech Republic last week. “I was in Prague and I must say I like Prague more than Brno. There are a lot of beautiful buildings and some great feeling. It’s difficult to describe this,” says Aroa. The only thing she doesn’t like here is the weather, which is natural.

The young Spaniard finds studying in Brno easier than in Tenerife. “In Spain I’m at school every day since 8AM to 2PM and I have more homework than here.” Quality of all aspects of university are better in Brno. “Buildings of Masaryk University are more modern and professors are better. In Tenerife television studio there is a hole in the ceiling. We can use only a few radio rooms. University is in a difficult situation. Leaders of institution think about cancellation of my field of study,” concedes Aroa.

School and travelling aren’t the only things in her life. When she is in the Canaries, she spends free time with her family, friends, boyfriend and her cat and lovesmo watching movies and TV series, especially Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. She has a huge passion for dancing, was in ballet for six years. These days she often dances in her free time. Her favourite activity is writing. One day Aroa would like to write a book about her life. “I think I’m good at writing about my personal stuff. But in professional life I prefer speaking to writing. My dream job is Radio or TV presenter,” concludes likeable Spanish girl.

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