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I have never heard any racist comments, says Aicha from Algeria

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Aicha Zoghbi seems humble but she has high goals. A 23-years-old girl who studies communications and media studies want to be a radio journalist. She is from Algeria and now, in the Czech Republic, she is at Master Studies at Masaryk University.

Aicha Zoghbi

She was in Erasmus programme so there was a chance to study in Brno as exchange student. "Since I came here, to Brno, as exchange student to Masaryk University I really like studying journalism. I found that this is a new experience for me," says Aicha. All of her family encouraged her to study abroad. And she has got a big family. "I know in the Czech Republic family has only two or three children, but in Algeria parents have often five or more," says about differences. She is one of five children. Her brother is a topographic engineer and one of her sisters is a lawyer. Her another sister is working as a television journalist, but Aicha preferssomething different, not because of her sister, but she really likes the broadcast media.

            Her parents think that is very important to have a knowledge, studying a lot and follow own goals. That's why Aicha was not afraid that they would not let her go to the Brno. Her father spent ten days with her in Brno and he really liked the city. Just like the young arabic girl. "I like Brno, it's a very nice place to enjoy the things you like to do. Brno also has a lot of beautiful places." She visited the Špilberk castle and the Brno Reservoir but her favourite place is another one. It's in Komárov and it's her room. "I make friends through the dormitory. It's stronger friendship than with classmates," says Aicha about friends. Unlike other students she doesn't like nightlife. "I've never been to pubs or bars in here because I think it is not my style to go there."

            But life in Brno is not so wonderful as it looks like. Some people in the streets look at her like she is different, because she is a muslim girl wearing the hijab. "I can see their facial expression. I think it is just because of the stereotypes. But I've never heard any racist comments, maybe it's because I don't understand," she laughed. On the other hand she has never seen something like this at university. Another problem is a language. It's difficult to communicate with people who don't speak English when you know just a few Czech words. For Aicha it's also hard at the university. "I always used to do everything in Arabic at home and used English only to communicated to tourists," says student.

            However she likes studies in Brno. "When I came to Masaryk University I found a suitable place for me to study, to work and to improve myself." Mainly it is because of the library, the teachers and the administrations of the Masaryk University. "The books, the knowledge, the information are the same, but the way how teachers deal with these courses and the atmosphere is different," says Aicha. She says that teachers are advanced in compare to university in Algeria, because of how they help you and the university provide students materials and improve their skills. That's the main difference between universities.

            "I'm grateful to live in here and for this opportunity. I love this city especially in winter it is beautiful," says girl from Algeria. She was not surprised when she saw the snow. "People think that if I'm from Africa I don't know what is snow and what is rain. We have everything, but not at whole Algeria," says student. The weather is different from one place to another because Algeria is too big. Although she loves Brno she doesn't think that it is the city where she will find her dream job. "I love English and the radio journalism so in Czech Republic there is no place where I can make a combination of these things," says Aicha.

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