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I like the architecture and the kind Scots here, says Czech student from University of Edinburgh

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Vojtěch Pavliš looks like a normal Czech student. If you met him in Brno, you would not realise, that there is something special. He started to study in Scotland last year indeed. For a large number of Czech students is study at abroad clear choice. The amount of this people is early around ten thousand. “I spoke to many people who study abroad and they told me that this is a really good experience. It is a big opportunity and you can meet some other cultures, so it impressed me and I decided to study some university in United Kingdom,” he says.

Vojtěch Pavliš in Edinburgh. source: Vojtěch PavlišAfter he successfully finished his high school he thought about his next field of study at the university. “I really liked math and physics at the high school and because I like cars I decided to study mechanical engineering at the university. I would like to do something applied, which I can use practically and I think that mechanical engineering is really good option for this,” Vojta explains. Lot of friends recommended him to study abroad and especially the British educational system. He decided for the University of Edinburgh finally. “I chose the University of Edinburgh because the conditions in Scotland are different than in England, so you don’t have to pay any tuition fees for the University here in Scotland, which is good and also the city is beautiful. The main reason was the money and also a city,” freshman from Edinburgh says.

Vojta fell in love with the city quickly. He appreciated the local architecture especially he liked lights around the Edinburgh Castle. Vojta praised local inhabitant too. He says they are really kind and friendly. “If you ask somebody about some help or about some advice they are very happy to help you. The city is gorgeous,“ Vojta says . He had also one favourite Irish pub with brilliant atmosphere. There is playing live music everyday and lot of people go there, because of a good beer. „Of course that the beer in Czech republic is better but it’s not so bad in here,“ he laughed.

However he spend most of his time at school and in the free time he created a race formula with colleagues from university community. The beginning of his studies was hard. He suddenly had to communicate in English on professional level. The most difficult was to learn technical terms. “I think it’s complicated to chat with people about common things too. When you go with your friend to a pub and chat about girl and things what happened it‘s really difficult to react very quickly especially when surrounding is really noisy. With your friend you have to be active,” young student describe.

It wast not easy for Vojta to leave his family and old friends and moved to completely new country. “The first time, when I leave home was quite strange but we are in contact every time on facebook or we call to each other almost every day so now I feel very fine it’s not like I’m feeling depressed here,“ Vojta said. He goes back home almost once or twice a semester and he is looking forward every time. “I really appreciate to meet my family and old friends and having a chat about these things with them,” he admitted.

And what are his plans for the future? “My idea is to graduate at the university of course and than I’d stay here in industry for three or four years and get some experiences and than I would like to go home and implement these knowledge in the czech republic,” Vojta Pavliš said parting with me.

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