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“I’m looking from my window on forest, where are monkeys,” says Czech student on exchange in Hong Kong.

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Linda is on international exchange in Hong Kong. She is from Prague, studying in Brno journalism and security studies. Exchange is best opportunity for her to get to Asia and get some new experiences.

Nature in Hong Kong is everywhere

“I went to Turkey, because I need to clear my mind,” says me 21 years old fragile blonde girl Linda. One year ago, she was in Istanbul on Erasmus. Last winter she was six months back in Czech Republic and now is she in Hong Kong for another half a year.

To go on exchange on far east had for her far less prosaic reason. She had always been interested and get the offer to go there through the international student agreement was an ideal opportunity to not come to poverty (because of scholarship) and at the same time to enjoy it. “Maybe I will never have this opportunity again, so why not take the advantage now.” says me with smile.

"First days here were for me like in another world. Everything here is completely different. People, food, nature," smiles at me Linda through the web camera. Linda has been now in Hong kong for a month and half and she is still excited. She has been studying at Masaryk University in Brno for third year media studies and journalism in combination with security and strategic studies. She is now studying school subjects from both studies also in Hong Kong. School is for completely different. “While in Brno in security studies, we are learning most of things by reading academic texts, here are more focused on discussion. Each subject of international relations and security, we have every week in three hours long blocks” says me and add, that an hour and half of it is a lecture and another hour and half is a discussion in small groups on some topic. “It is surprising how much knowledge have her classmates and how much they are the discussions enjoying. During the discussions in Czech republic, there are everybody afraid to talk and teachers must persuade them. Here is normal that everybody are enthusiastically discussing. It’s completely natural” says me Linda happilly.

One of the other reasons why she wants to go to Hong Kong, was the fact that this autonomous territory has with his boss - China quite complicated relations. "As a student of security and international relations, I was naturally interested. Tensions Hong Kong with China are felt here on every step. Each person I have met here do not like China a lot. People are very proud of special Hong Kong status as an autonomous territory, "says Linda. She already was in China for one weekend. And she was not impressed. "The only thing that interested me was that everything here was cheaper than in Hong Kong. People there were far grimmer. Here are everybody very kind and helpful to all foreign students. In China, I hadn’t this feeling,” says Linda.

The biggest surprise for her was that everywhere is beautiful nature and parks: "When I first looked out from the window, I saw before me a forest. We went there with friends and saw, that there are living monkeys, in the middle of the city, unbelievable. Now it’s normal for me.” According to Linda, people in Hong Kong are very active and they spend a lot of their free time in nature. Every weekend are mountains full of hikers and parks are still full of runners.

One of the things that is not entirely pleasing is that everything in Hong Kong is very expensive. "At the beginning of my stay I bought eight kilos of rice, and I ate five from it until now. I also eat a lot of sushi. I discovered with my classmates a bistro, where they have big pack sushi for thirty crowns," recounts.

When I asked her what she wants to do when she returns to Czech Republic she responds that don’t know. Now she is planning a trip to a student conference in Philippines, where is going straight from China. "I'll be presenting a research, which examines the impact of a shift in the nature of conflict after the Cold War in journalism. Then I am going with my friend on a road trip to the peninsula rear of India. When I get back to home, I’ll see what I’ll do,” she says. As a Bachelor thesis she is she making a documentary. She always wants to do more audio-visual journalism than write texts. What does she wants to do after she got her diploma? She doesn’t know. “It’s so far and I am not going plan anything now. I just want to enjoy everything what my student life offers me.”


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