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I miss the changing of the seasons and fried cheese, says British girl

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They said that the English people are unfriendly, superficial and arrogant. But these clichés do not apply to Charlotte Mallinson. I had a chance to spend the time with a pretty curly red hair, blue eyes and wide smile. The smile and her honesty give a clue how cheerful, talkative and willing Charlotte is.  “No problem, I like to help you,” she said immediately after a request about interview. 

Charlotte was born twenty three years ago in a very small town in the north of England. The reason why she chose the Czech Republic for working and studying was simple. “I had never been there before and heard from people that it was very beautiful," Charlotte explains. She was also attracted by the position of the Czech Republic - she said to herself that from the heart of Europe she would simply travel to other countries. So from the little British town Charlotte moved to Nachod and lived there for one year from September 2015 to September 2016. 

But this year was not for Charlotte only about parties, trips or meetings with new friends because she was not a typical Erasmus student. She had an important work there.  “I worked for my European Voluntary Service. My voluntary service was based in a youth center, where I helped with events, office work and assisting with arts and crafts clubs,” she describes her job. But that’s not all. She also volunteered in several local schools as an English teacher, where she could use her native language to help others - kids from Nachod had an opportunity to improve their English skills with her. Her voluntary organization was quite big, so she found new international friends quickly. "A lot of EVS projects are much smaller and you live and work alone, so it can be harder to find friends if you are shy," she says.  

After a few days staying in Czechia, she fell in love with the country and local nature. "I liked to watch how the seasons change. It was unbelievable! In England, we basically have spring and autumn,” says with a sad tone in her voice. During the whole year she traveled a lot. Her favourite place in the country is Adrspach with such interesting rocks. Charlotte also visited Prague, Brno or Cesky Krumlov. 

During her working and studying she met many people and had a lot of fun with them. But Charllote admits that there are many differences between British and Czechs. “The biggest difference I noticed was the sense of national pride and identity, which I feel isn’t as strong in the U.K.,” evaluates the Czech character retrospectively. But the Czech culture has left positive impressions on her, too. “I found that Czechs really love their beer and ice hockey,” she laughs loudly. And what Charlotte miss the most? "Certain foods such as fried cheese and rohlik! The prices for food were very low,” she wonders. Another thing which made Charlotte a little bit disappointed bears on czech shops. “The shops are closed really early on Saturdays and not at all on Sundays, which for me was a shock. In the U.K they are open every day,” Charlotte says with an uncomprehending expression on her face.

Despite Charlotte is living in Latvia where she is currently working as a consultant in a private school and studying English teaching at the university, she wants to visit the Czech Republic again. She would like to practise her Czech language skills. „I can still speak a bit and still order food and read some signs and posters. But I hope that I will have a chance to visit Czech and speak more,“ Charlotte hopes.  

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