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I play the flute when I am lonely, says student from Vietnam

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Tai Tri Nguyen has been living in Brno for nine months. He is a 25-year-old Masters degree student at Masaryk University, Faculty of Arts. His home university is university of Oulu, Finland. Although he studies English language teaching, he has joined classes of physical education and stress management, too. Wishing to become an English teacher, he has enrolled in a CELTA (Cambridge English Teaching Qualifications) course. "I have enough time to do a lot of things in here," he says, smiling. A typical a master degree student.

When I asked, what the reason was that he chose Brno and the Czech Republic, his answer was,  "One of my friends came to Prague last semester, so I already knew the place a little bit. I had researched on internet for further information, I had seen pictures of Brno. But I also chose Masaryk University, because I can find my study materials in the online information system and because there are many facilities for foreign students here." To give you an example, "accomondation  is absolutely important to me. As regards the public transportation system, it is also pretty good and easy," he said. Tai also enthuses about the prices in Brno: "The city is really cheaper than Finland and it is very  good for me and the other students. As you know, several students have limited money to live on," he said.

    Tai is vegetarian and he cooks his own food in the dormitory. This situation sometimes can be difficult but he loves to cook. As a Master's degree student, he has only three courses and that means, he has a lot of free time. He said: "I cook, go to shopping, cinema, and I have explored places in Brno, I have never seen before." He goes to another country once a month and he is going to  Budapest next month.

    Normally, Tai lives in a city in Vietnam. His  hometown is really far from here and the journey  from Vietnam to Prague is about 12 hours by plane. If it  is a connecting flight it is up to 16 hours. He has not seen his family since he came here. "Whenever I want to talk with my family I can talk on internet by Skype, of course it is not the same as when you are talking face-to-face. When lonely, I sometimes play a game on the internet, but mostly I play the flute because the sound of the it relaxes me."

   He is leaving Brno for Erasmus  in June and will finish his Master's degree next semester in Finland and then. Talking about future plans, he said: "Actually I have not decided exactly what I want to be. Maybe I will be a teacher in some English center or a lecturer at university."


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