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I was on the highest road in Europe with my motorbike, admits czech student

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Michaela Benešová is a twenty-two-year-old student of Media Studies and Journalism and Public Policy and Human Resources. She is a very interesting person with big and warm heart. However, her coming to Brno was coincidence and her life could be totally different from nowadays.

Michaela in front of the Faculty of Social Studies


Michaela comes from Hradec Králové in Czech Republic, where she studied at a high school. After the high school, she wanted to go to a university, however, she didn’t success in Maturita exam. Her plans were ruined but even though she couldn’t attend the university, her desire was to leave her hometown, so she decided to study at a language school in Brno. At this school, she studied Spanish and English and this was a very beginning of her passion for languages and travelling.

When she had attended the language school, she fell in love with Brno and she decided to find here a good university so that she could stay here. In the end she chose the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University and in this place her dreams became true. All her life she enjoyed working with people and at FSS she could follow her passion. She became a member of International Students Club MU Brno (ISC) and this was something what dramatically changed her life. ISC MU helps students who came to the Masaryk University through the Erasmus program. The students get a tutor who helps them with their first days in Brno and they usually become good friends and spend a lot of time together. This activity was ideal for Michaela – she could use her language skills and her passion for working with people.

As time went by Michaela’s star rose higher and higher and she became a Human Resources Manager in ISC. She took care of new members and new Erasmus students and held teambuilding meetings. She found out that this is the way she wants to continue in her life. Currently she is studying a last semester of bachelor’s program of Public Policy and Human Resources, she has decided to continue with this field of study and she wants to become a Human Resources Manager or a “headhunter”.

But her life isn’t just about ISC and working with people. She’s also excited about sports, especially adrenalin sports as a rock climbing or a diving. Her biggest hobby is her motorbike which she uses for traveling around the Europe. She has visited almost all countries in Europe. “I went to France on a motorbike with my boyfriend for the purpose of visiting my sister who lives in there. We went through Austria and Switzerland on the way there and on the way back we visited for example Monaco, Niece or Saint Tropez. We were also on the highest road in Europe,” she claims.

Even though she’s a passionate traveller and she helps Erasmus students, she has never been to foreign country through an Erasmus program. However, she claimed that she wants to go to Belgium or  Canada with this program during her master’s study program. “I want to go to Belgium to a city named Leuven for a semester or to Canada, but here I’d rather stay for at least one year. In Canada there are special visas for young people under 35. You can stay there for a year without any extra fees and it doesn’t matter if you study, work or do nothing.”

Brno totally changed Michaela's life. She wants to stay here for the rest of her life like most of her friends. It was very lucky that she didn’t give up the idea of leaving her hometown when she didn’t pass the Maturita exam. Now she’s a grown-up woman who helps people follow their dreams as she did at the beginning of her studies.

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