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Invisible Exhibition: the life of blind people

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There live 36 million blind people on the Earth. And this number is still rising. I decided to try to be blind for a while because I think it is the most important to know about life of blind people.

I am going to the New Town Hall, where the Invisible exhibition takes place. This exhibition is held for seven years every day and I think that is the best way how to show visitors the life of blind people. I am showing my ticket to some women and I am opening box, where I have to leave my personal belongings. I must keep going without them. I have to leave mobile phone here because it could disturb our exhibition by light or sounds. Another reason is that light cannot be lit at the exhibition so if something falls down inside the exhibition part, no one would find it.

During waiting to our exhibition guide, me and other waiting people are trying some exciting games and exercises focused on our senses except sight. Blind people have better developed senses like touch or smell because they do not see anything and they really need other senses. So we can try function of our touch by doing a puzzle or we are trying if we can rely on other people while we need some help with for example our journey on the street. Of course, we can read by braille, which is special font for blind people but braille is still unreadable for me.

“My name is Katka and I will be your guide for today’s Invisible Exhibition,” saying young blind girl. She does not speak about her story very much and she just says that she is blind from birth. “And I am so happy that other people are interested in our invisible world,” adding to the introduction. After that we are going to absolutely dark room. This dark room is not the same like dark in our rooms after switching off the lights, this dark is darker. And you cannot see anything.

I do not like darkness. I am so afraid of it. Especially when I am in foreign room with foreign people. But I am trying to acclimate and I need to use my senses except sight. “We are going to our first stop,” whispering Katka and she is telling us that we can imagine what kind of room it is. We can imagine by touching. “It is a kitchen!” screaming some women next to me and I am stepping somebody next to me to his or her foot. She is right. We are in the kitchen. I am opening my eyes but I cannot see anything. I feel confused but I cannot share my feelings because I do not know anybody from our group.

This stop is little bit longer than others because we have a chance to try operate in this kitchen like usually, for example switch on microwave or we can exercise our smell by recognizing what kind of spice it is. “It is a cinnamon,” shouting some boy. “And this is thyme,” screaming another. I find out that my senses are really bad and I do not smell anything. We are going to our other stop. It is a forest. We are listening to some forest noises and animals sounds. We are walking between roots of invisible trees and we have to try to keep balance. I am moving very slowly and I hope exhibition will be ending soon because my physical power is done. Not only mine, because our guide have to go one woman out of exhibition.  “She has claustrophobia and she got a panic attack,” saying Katka after coming back.  

After stop in the kitchen and in bathroom we are ending this exhibition in bar and we are still blind. “What do you want,” asking Katka. I guess she is standing behind a bar and for now she is a waitress. She is telling us some choices like ice cream, juices or sweets. “I would like to have an ice cream, please,” saying some boy on the other side of the bar. I am disappointed but I do not want to be unpleasant so I am ordering juice. “The orange one, please,” I am specifying my order and I am trying to find some crowns in my pockets. I do not know how much I have in my pocket, because my touch is very bad but our guide is satisfied with my sum. It is tasting strangely. I am so happy that our tour is ending. I am opening my eyes, my sight is starting function slowly again and I realize that I am so glad I have my sight back!


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